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The Benefits of Becoming a TA

by Priya Sudendra, for Being a teaching assistant is a great experience for a graduate student or upperclassmen. Teaching sheds a whole new light on not only being a teacher, but also being a student. It also helps you get closer to the professors and make new connections to advance your career. Being a TA […]

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College Students: How to Freelance—Safely

by Mitchell D. Weiss for It’s been a rocky economic recovery and college students are among those who’ve been hit the hardest. According to a June 2013 Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s press briefing, of the 94 percent of all recent grads who are fortunate enough to have jobs, nearly half are overqualified […]

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Being Green In College

by Priya Sudendra Going green in college can seem difficult; you might think it’s time consuming and expensive, but becoming environmentally friendly while in school can be pretty easy and cheap! The simplest thing you can do is to turn off everything in your room or apartment. Turn off the lights when you go to […]

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7 Scholarships to Apply for Before September Ends!

Back to school means new roommates, new textbooks, new course and, of course, new bills. College tuition goes up every year, but the amount you pay doesn’t have to. Apply for these fleeting scholarships. All have deadlines of October 1st! 1. The Bartlett Tree Foundation Scholarship The Bartlett Tree Foundation is proud to sponsor the […]


An Introvert’s Guide to Your First Year at University

by Daniel Kendal for University will be the best years of your life, they say. Get involved with everything, they say. All wonderful advice if you’re the naturally outgoing type. But what happens if you can’t bring yourself to say hello to everyone you meet in the corridor or pub? If you don’t feel […]


10 Things You Need To Know to Win Scholarships

We all know that paying for school is tough. However, there are thousands of scholarships out there that want to help alleviate the cost of college! Applying for scholarships can be exhausting – sometimes more exhausting than applying to college itself! How can you make your scholarship search more efficient and effective? Allyson Collinsworth of […]


Does Your Alma Matter: A Case For Vocational and Trade Schools

by Arthur Posey for We’ve been trained since our early elementary school days to follow our parent’s mantras like “when you go to college…,” and “get good grades because when you’re in college…,” until we are almost unable to think properly about our own future educational plans. True, college degrees are important, after all, it will […]


Online MBA Fair: Meet Business Schools and Make Informed Decisions

The Economist is once again hosting their Which MBA? Online Fair for students to explore different options for obtaining a Masters of Business Administration, all online! Benefits of attending The Economist’s online fair include: Talking online with admissions officers from MBA programs around the world Broadening your perspective and learn how an MBA can help you take […]


Finding a Mentor in College

by Kirstin Le Grice for When students first set foot on their college campuses, so many thoughts are running through their minds. Making friends, finding the best classes, discovering the best study spots, and of course, finding the best parties. Finding a mentor? Not such a strong goal for most, unfortunately. What most incoming freshmen […]


College: The Best Connections to Make Your Freshman Year

by Kirstin Le Grice, CollegeFocus for Freshman year is a huge transition. For the first time in 18 years, students no longer have their parents watching over them. Completing homework assignments, making it to class, and doing well for that matter, are now entirely up to you, the college freshman. While this newfound freedom […]


Dos and Don’ts of Back to School Etiquette

by Purvi S. Mody for Back to school season is upon us, and for most students that means new teachers, new classes, and new responsibilities. In order to have a successful year, no matter what grade you are in, it is important to follow some basic rules of etiquette for back to school. Your […]

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