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What is an E-Commerce Degree, and Why Do I Want One?

What is e-commerce? You may have heard about e-commerce before, but what is it exactly? E-commerce involves doing business online using the Internet and “purchasing and selling products, information or professional services all of which are accomplished through fax, email, and the use of various other electronic tools” [i]. E-commerce could make it easier to conduct […]

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Universities Using Vine

UPDATE: StudentAdvisor is working on a new Top 100 Social Media Colleges list, coming out in September! Don’t miss out on the chance for your school to be number one – fill us in on your social media activities here! It seems the only thing that can keep up with our shortening attention spans are […]

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How to Earn College Credit for Life Experience

Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit is a free online course from Kaplan Open Learning that walks the student through the process of claiming college credit for learning that has taken place outside the classroom. Dr. Wade Dyke discusses the benefits of this kind of online learning in helping today’s students keep down the cost of their college education.

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How You Can Learn From the Big Bang Theory Engineers

Mechanical Engineering Has Never Been So Attractive The Big Bang Theory we are talking about here is the American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, centered on the antics of several college-age physicists and engineers working at the University of Caltech. I used to study engineering and landed in this field through an […]


Get Out of Debt! 4 Tips for Student Loan Payment

  Dealing with student debt and loan payment can be terrifying.  Often, it requires quite the lifestyle change.  That being said, with the proper information and a solid budgeting system, paying off student loans can actually be rather painless.  The trick is being well-informed. Kirstin Le Grice, staff writer for CollegeFocus, shares four pieces of advice to help you understand […]


Scholarships for Graduate Students

There are many great reasons to go to graduate school. Getting your Masters degree or Ph.D can help you advance in your career and typically results in a salary raise. Even if your goals aren’t career-based, personal educational growth is always a valuable investment. However, graduate programs can be expensive – here is a list […]

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What Makes a Good MOOC?

In this interview Dr. Charles Severence, professor and MOOC creator, shares his insights into what makes a good MOOC, or massive open online course, so that students and teachers alike can benefit from a successful learning experience.

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Student Loans: The Truth About the Interest Rate Hike

On July 1, the interest rate on federal subsidized Stafford Loans doubled 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Back in 2007, Congress passed a law that allowed student loan interest rates to progressively drop from the original 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent over the course of five years. In 2012, it was time to decide what would happen to the […]


The Job Search: 6 Things Your Parents Never Had to Do

It was 1964 when Bob Dylan released his hit, “The Times They Are a-Changin.” Here we are, almost 50 years later, and boy they just keep a-changin’. Dylan may not have been referring to the job search, but his words sure ring true when it comes to the younger generation seeking not just a job, but the job.     […]


How to Change Careers in 5 Steps

Changing careers can seem frightening.  In fact, many people choose to ignore their desire to change careers, simply because they don’t want to go through the hassle, no matter how unhappy they might be.  Switching careers takes risk, courage, and a lot of thought.  But, for those who are currently staring at their computer screen and […]

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Scholarships for Fourth of July

From the team at StudentAdvisor, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy fourth of July! We would also like to thank our military men and women who continue to fight for our freedom. Celebrate your own Independence Day by checking out these awesome scholarships to help you pay for your education. These are just a […]