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Associate Degree Spotlight: Medical Billing and Coding

For those of you looking to quickly start a career after high school or begin a new one, an Associate degree program may be a better option than attending a traditional 4-year college. Want the lowdown on one of the fastest growing careers you could start with an Associate degree? Then check out medical billing […]

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Ashford University Pres. Reflects on the Growth of Online Colleges

By Dr. Elizabeth Tice, Ph.D. For The continued growth of online and distance learning has been driven by student demand, technology, a troubled economy and demographic changes. Its rapid expansion is closely tied to the growth of technology, the Internet and other new ways of delivering knowledge to more students beyond the previous boundaries […]

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College Reviews 2012: UC Davis, Columbia, & Fairfield U

By Sam Coren Staff Trying to decide on a college? Reading college reviews from students and alumni can be a huge help! Find out what you can’t learn from admissions websites or a glossy viewbooks and brochures. Want to know where you can get the latest insider info on the schools you’re researching? StudentAdvisor […]

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This Week in College News: Claremont McKenna Falsifies SAT Scores

By Taylor Cotter Staff Claremont McKenna College Admits to Exaggerating SAT Scores of Admitted Students A senior administrator at Claremont McKenna College admitted to falsifying records of SAT scores of their admitted students. The administrator, allegedly Richard Vos, vice president and dean of admissions, had been falsifying these records since 2005. According to the […]

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Facebook Timeline: New Privacy Concerns for College Students [VIDEO]

By Sam Coren Staff Thought you were comfortable adjusting privacy settings on your Facebook profile after the last round of changes? Get ready:  privacy settings are about to change yet again for the social networking juggernaut. While some users have had Facebook’s new Timeline-style profile through the developer application, it has finally started to […]

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7 Ways to Get the Best Financial Aid Package for College [VIDEO]

By Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief Now that applications are in, it’s time for college-bound students to start applying for financial aid to help fund their education. Yesterday I sat down with Gene Lavanchy of Boston’s Fox 25 Morning News Show to discuss ways students and parents can land the best possible financial aid package. While the […]

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How to Write a Research Paper in College by Mastering the Five Rs

By Stefanie Weisman For There are few tasks in college that demand such a wide variety of skills as writing a research paper. It requires time management, research skills, creativity, logic, persuasive writing, and much, much more. Intimidated? Don’t be. By following the “Five Rs” below, you’ll be well on your way to writing […]

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$5,000 Scholarship for College Students

By Taylor Cotter Staff The scholarship is the first scholarship to be offered to applicants who are pursuing a career that will help combat abuse in nursing homes. is part of the National Association to Stop Nursing Home Abuse and is focused on prevention, education, and repairing the conseuquences of abuse. This scholarship is $5,000 […]

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This Week in College News: Big Changes for the Common App in 2013

By Sam Coren & Taylor Cotter Staff Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week:  Common App to be overhauled for 2013. The Common Application, the all-purpose college application accepted by 456 colleges and universities, is planning a major redesign for […]

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Grants and Scholarships: Is Your College Stingy With Financial Aid?

By Murray Miller For Figuring out how to fund your college education can be overwhelming. If you’ve already been hunting around, it’s clear that there’s a massive amount of financial aid information on the web. Knowing where to look and what you should be looking for when you’re applying for grants, scholarships, and other […]

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This Week in College News: Missouri GOP Candidate for Gov. Flubs College Degree in Biography

By Sam Coren Staff Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week:  Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Spence admits to errors about college degree in biography. Dave Spence, a Missouri candidate for Governor changed his online biography Thursday to fix a claim […]

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