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Top 100 Social Media Colleges Spring 2012 Update: Harvard Rebounds

Today marks the third update to StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges list.  Harvard University (#1) has risen back to the top of the rankings displacing Johns Hopkins University (#2). Both schools have extraordinary social media communities and continue to innovate and execute their social media strategies exceptionally well.  The biggest movers and shakers this […]

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71-Year-Old Great-Grandmother to Graduate from Ashford University

When graduation season rolls around, most people tend to think about young adults diving head first into the real world after receiving their diplomas. But what about those who chose to continue their education years after entering adulthood? Imagine being a great-grandmother about to earn your college degree! This year, 71-year-old Ashford University student Savannah Jones […]

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President Obama’s Student Loans Slow Jam with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Talking about student loans is never a fun, but that isn’t going to stop Jimmy Fallon from trying. Yesterday at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jimmy Fallon and President Obama turned down the lights and crooned a plea to congress to lower student loan interest rates. The result? Some insightful points made […]

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Choosing a College: Accepting Multiple Admissions Offers is a Bad Idea

So the college acceptance letters have finally rolled in and you’re still having trouble making your mind up about where to go? Maybe your first choice waitlisted or rejected you and you just can’t figure out which of your backups will be the best college match. May 1st is the deadline most colleges set for […]

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Starting a Business in College: The aSociete Story

Starting a business out of your dorm room just might be the ultimate group project! Young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg have inspired many students to rethink putting off starting a business until after they get their degrees. Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel even launched a competition to find 24 entrepreneurs under the age of 20 to […]

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Taxes and College Students: The Different Types of Taxable Income

It’s tax season in the US, and for many college students doing taxes, it can be an absolutely nerve wrecking experience. Whether you’re making bank or just enough for ramen, knowing how to do your taxes properly in college will save you from a lot of potential headaches in the future. Getting audited is not […]

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The Financial Aid Appeal: Should You Ask for More Financial Aid?

Did you open your financial aid award letter and feel brutally disappointed? For some, a financial aid appeal may be the best way to get more money for college.  What if something happened to your financial situation since filling out the FAFSA in the Fall? Maybe your family had to deal with rebuilding their home […]

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College Seniors: Are You Ready to Graduate and Start Life?

As a college senior, this time of year can be incredibly stressful. In between cranking out your last research papers and trying to stay focused in class, you’re just starting to think about what life is going to be like after college. Brace yourself! The transition from all-nighters, a busy social life, and campus living […]

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Where Should I Go to College? Decision Letters and Next Steps

After weeks of waiting by the mailbox and franticly checking your email, the answer you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Whether you’ve been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted by your top choice colleges, you should understand that you still have plenty of options for having an incredible college experience. While this time in your life can […]

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More Admissions Officers Looking Up Your Web Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Worried about your web presence affecting your chances of acceptance? Well, you’re right to be concerned! According to Kaplan’s most recent annual surveys, 20% of college admissions officers and 27% of business school admissions officers who have Googled an applicant; 24% of college admissions officers and 22% of business school admissions officers have visited an applicant’s […]

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What to Do When Your Parents Hate Your College Choices

Too big of a party school. Too far away. Too expensive. You worked so hard to find your best match colleges and all your parents can do is complain! This is supposed to be a happy, exciting time, but the rift between you and mom and dad is getting to be a bit much. When your […]

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