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10 Ways an Entrepreneurship Course Can Help You Succeed

Starting a business isn’t the hard part. It’s making it last! Help ensure your start-up success with an entrepreneurship course.

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Career Journey: Kaplan and LinkedIn Join to Provide Career Guide Program

Career Journey, a free interactive course created by Kaplan and LinkedIn, helps professionals of all ages design and manage a meaningful and successful career path.

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The Power of Continuing Education

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner shares how pursing your career ambitions is inextricably linked with continuing education. Stay ahead of the evolving economy with lifelong learning.

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Preparing for the Future of Health Care

Jobs in the health industry are growing faster than in any other. Prepare for the future of health care with an education to help you stay ahead in this dynamic field.

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How to Avoid the Summer Brain Drain: Video

Dean Tsouvalas explores strategies to avoid summer brain drain.

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Saving Lives and Giving Back with a Nursing Degree

A nursing degree allowed Kathy Getchel to make a bigger impact in her career as a hospital leader and nurse educator.

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Students with Learning Disabilities Thrive at Inclusive College

Beacon College’s unique educational mission to empower students with learning disabilities has led to a graduate rate 12 times higher than the national average. With curriculum tailored to different learning styles, students have achieved success where they once struggled.

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5 Ways Men Can Beat Ageism and Get Hired

One in five people searching for work are men over 45. Beat ageism and craft a personal brand that is too good for employers to ignore.

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5 Education Resolutions to Start Now

Throw off the blanket of winter and renew your education resolutions this spring. Find out what people want the most and what they can learn to get there.

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Top 2014 Commencement Speakers

Every year, the country’s most influential people impart their wisdom to college graduates. Find out who are the most-anticipated commencement speakers this year.

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Discover How Nursing Could Be Your Must-Have Career

A nursing career never goes out of style. Nurses are essential to our health care system, and jobs are on the rise. Discover why nursing could your fail-safe career.

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