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3 Great Reasons to Study Abroad in Cuba

Besides improving your Spanish, there are many things to learn from taking a semester abroad in Cuba.

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3 Good Reasons for Interning AFTER Graduation

Finding a job after college graduation is the goal of every student, especially if you’ve been an intern already. Butt if you can’t find a job right away, are there benefits to post-graduation internships?

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College Graduation Gifts to Remember!

While money is always a great gift, there are other unforgettable presents you can give to a new college graduate.

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More Spring Break Volunteer Opportunities!

Make the world a better place while you decompress from the stress of your college studies! Spring break volunteer opportunities can be found locally, nationally, and even internationally.

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College Roommate Conflict: When the RA Can’t Help

When dorm room conflicts threaten to ruin your college experience and going to the RA does not help, there are more steps you can take to resolve your roommate issues.

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Transfer Student Tips for Building New Friendships

It’s true that colleges set up events for introducing new freshman to each other, but there are still plenty of ways to get together with like-minded students when you transfer schools. Read on for great tips and advice on forging friendships as a transfer student

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The Real Secret to a Winning College Application

A good college application pairs a student with a school that’s the right fit. Spend less time trying to sound perfect, and more time showing a college who you really are!

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