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Don’t Miss These Fellowships with Fall Deadlines!

Fellowships can take you abroad, introduce you to new opportunities, and help you continue your studies. Search out and apply for fellowships, grants, and research opportunities that will help you reach your educational goals.

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50 Percent Tuition Grant for Boomers: Deadline November 5th!

To help Boomers with the training they need to start second careers or finish degrees they once started, Kaplan University is offering a 50 percent tuition reduction to the first 50 eligible students! The Deadline to apply is November 5, 2014.

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11 Online Courses for History Lovers and Others

History is a lens through which to study the world and with this list of online history courses from several different providers, it is also a great lens through which to study LearningAdvisor. To check out our online learning opportunities, start with these and visit our website for thousands more free and low-cost online courses as well as degrees and professional certificates!

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4 Reasons Coding Bootcamps Make Better Entrepreneurs

Coding bootcamps offer crash courses in computer programming skills to anyone willing to work hard and commit to an intensive training experience with like-minded students from all ages and backgrounds.

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‘Open College’ Offers Affordable Adult Degree

If you are an adult learner with some college credit, but no degree, Kaplan University’s innovative new Open College will help you earn a Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies by combining prior credit with Kaplan courses and free open online resources!

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How to Get Your Helicopter Parents to Hover Somewhere Else

The web is more than just a tool for parents to keep track of you—it’s a door to exploring new opportunities, finding answers, and updating skills. Explore StudentAdvisor’s top 5 suggestions for using digital resources to guide your helicopter parents over new territory.

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A Hot New Career Path: Industrial-Organizational Psychology

From business to government to the healthcare industry, professionals with a background in industrial-organization psychology make valuable assets to any organization.

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12 College Scholarships for Adult Learners

Adults are returning to college to advance their careers, and even to earn their first degrees! With 40-plus students making up the fastest-growing population of college students today, more programs are focusing on providing college scholarships to adult students.

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5 Benefits of Earning an Accounting Certificate in Midlife

Earning a graduate certificate in accounting can help you to change careers or start a new one of your own. Consider the many possibilities this educational credential can provide!

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10 College Scholarships for the New School Year!

Scholarship season ramps up with the start of each new school year. Don’t let deadlines pass you by! Start searching for college scholarships now to reduce your next tuition bill.

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5 Nursing Jobs that Will Increase Your Salary

Highly sought-after nursing positions often require the most education and experience, but that extra education and hard work can be reflected in better salaries and more job satisfaction.

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