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Dean Tsouvalas is and's Editor-in-Chief and the mastermind behind The Top 100 Social Media Colleges. He believes in changing the way students learn about college through StudentAdvisor and LearningAdvisor. Dean began his professional life as a high school English and Journalism teacher. Later, Dean left teaching to pursue Broadcast Journalism in New York and served as a field producer for ABC News’20/20 and Primetime Live. After many years in television Dean transitioned into the world of digital media and joined Lycos where he became Director of Content and writer/producer of the The Lycos 50. Later he went on to hold executive content positions at and Eons. Since launching StudentAdvisor's Top 100 Social Media Colleges he has been routinely invited to speak to students and educators on social media best practices.

Top 100 Social Media Colleges Unveiled announced the annual Top 100 Social Media Colleges rankings, which showcase the best social media practices at US Colleges and universities. Check out the new list to find out how the top schools are putting their social media channels to best use and get some great ideas for your schools! and its family of sites (, ScholarshipAdvisor) are […]


The Common App Fiasco

Has the Common App become a nightmare? This year the Common Application has been a “nightmare” according to students applying to college.  It seems that the Common App has hit a very serious glitch.  This is incredibly bad news as we are just entering the height of college application season.  Read our friend Purvi Mody’s,  […]

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5 Must-Do Things When Taking a College Campus Tour

It is all about the college campus tour.  One study found that the campus visit is the single largest influence on student application decisions. College Campus tours help students get to know schools more intimately. It easy to research a school, check out their social media profiles, examine locations, majors offered, student/teacher ratio, etc. However, […]

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The Future of MOOCs: An Interview with “Dr. Chuck” Severance

Join thought leader Dr. Charles Severence, an innovator in the MOOC movement, as he shares his insights on MOOCs as a disruptive force in education and how they fir into the larger picture of technology and education.

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Top 10 Reasons to Advance Your Career with a MOOC

StudentAdvisor Editor-in-Chief Dean Tsouvalas introduces us to the world of free online learning and shares his top ten reasons for using MOOCs to enhance any professional development strategy.

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“Let Freedom Ring” LIVE from the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech 50th Anniversary Celebration Today is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  In honor of the life-changing event, we are delighted to share the free, live video stream from the event, “Let Freedom Ring.”  Click here and start watching.  (You are required […]

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LinkedIn’s New University Pages and The Top 100 Social Media Colleges

By Dean Tsouvalas Colleges and universities’ social media worlds were rocked by LinkedIn’s announcement of University Pages. When the team here at StudentAdvisor saw the new school pages, we were delighted as LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly valuable way to link education, school and career goals.  This is the latest evolution of colleges’ and universities’ social […]

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Take a Free MOOC Class: Give Away Buffett Family Money

Ever wish you could give away money like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett? Well you can now, thanks to Doris Buffett’s Learning by Giving Foundation you have a chance to make a difference in your own community. The Learning by Giving Foundation is an opening a massive open online course or “MOOC” class on effective […]

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Applying to College: Be Fearless and Reach

When applying to college, your dreams matter. Students should apply to colleges outside of their comfort zone and dream big.


LinkedIn: Enhance Your Profile and Get the Job of Your Dreams

Dean Tsouvalas talks to Brendan Browne about optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

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Find Free Money for College – Scholarship Advisor App by StudentAdvisor

When it comes to paying for a college education, the best money is free money. That means grants and scholarships.  When it comes to scholarships, there are many resources online – including’s newest iPhone app, Scholarship Advisor. To make things easier for students looking to fund their education, StudentAdvisor has created a free iPhone […]

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