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Dean Tsouvalas is and's Editor-in-Chief and the mastermind behind The Top 100 Social Media Colleges. He believes in changing the way students learn about college through StudentAdvisor and LearningAdvisor. Dean began his professional life as a high school English and Journalism teacher. Later, Dean left teaching to pursue Broadcast Journalism in New York and served as a field producer for ABC News’20/20 and Primetime Live. After many years in television Dean transitioned into the world of digital media and joined Lycos where he became Director of Content and writer/producer of the The Lycos 50. Later he went on to hold executive content positions at and Eons. Since launching StudentAdvisor's Top 100 Social Media Colleges he has been routinely invited to speak to students and educators on social media best practices.

Nontraditional Student Becomes Valedictorian One Class at a Time

Nontraditional student Cheryl Sebjenics became valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA—after 14 years of taking one class per semester and holding a full-time job. She proves that slow and steady can still achieve great success.

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Meet is a learning hub that brings you information and insights on courses, certificates, and degree programs.

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Commencement Speakers 2014: Who Is Speaking at Your Graduation?

Check out our complete list of college and university commencement speakers for 2014. Who is speaking at your graduation?

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Want to Join the Lambing Club?

Students at Becker College recently started the Becker College Lambing Club: they get to learn quintessential large-animal veterinary skills and help a struggling farm. Read about their unique club here.

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3 Ways an Online Class Can Enhance Your Skills

Professor and MOOC creator, Dr. Charles Severence shares his tips for working out which MOOCs are best for you when faced with the diverse options that are available.

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6 Fast-Growing Careers in Business Finance

Business finance positions are expected to grow more than 15% through 2020. Find out which part of this growing industry is a perfect fit for you.

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Furthering Your Criminal Justice Career

Are you looking to start or advance your criminal justice career? See which of the many possibilities might be for you.


5 Tips for Midlife Career Change Success

Switching careers is a big step but you can make a late-life career change happen. Use our career change advice to get the job you dream about.

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5 Fast-Growing Health Care Careers

The health and wellness industry expects a 33% growth rate. See if a hospital health career is the best place to showcase your talents.

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College Credit for Your Life Experience

Getting college credit for your life experience can help you advance your career and get a college degree. Prior Learning Assessment expert Susan Huggins describes how to start with the free MOOC, Documenting Your Life Experience for College Credit.

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What does the fox say? 10 College Parodies

“What Does the FOX Say” has gone super-viral and now is considered among the viral pop culture elite of Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, and Call me Maybe. For the uninitiated, this catchy dance song was created by comedians and brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker as a way to promote the third season of their […]

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