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Dean Tsouvalas is and's Editor-in-Chief and the mastermind behind The Top 100 Social Media Colleges. He believes in changing the way students learn about college through StudentAdvisor and LearningAdvisor. Dean began his professional life as a high school English and Journalism teacher. Later, Dean left teaching to pursue Broadcast Journalism in New York and served as a field producer for ABC News’20/20 and Primetime Live. After many years in television Dean transitioned into the world of digital media and joined Lycos where he became Director of Content and writer/producer of the The Lycos 50. Later he went on to hold executive content positions at and Eons. Since launching StudentAdvisor's Top 100 Social Media Colleges he has been routinely invited to speak to students and educators on social media best practices.

5 FAFSA Secrets for Adult Students

Don’t leave money on the table for your education! Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, keeping in mind these tips to avoid the mistakes that can get an application rejected.

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Home for the Holidays: 8 Ways to Avoid Stress When Your Student Returns

Having a full house for the holidays is exciting, but it can also be stressful when everyone has different expectations. Get on the same page with these eight simple tips!

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Thanksgiving Break- When College Kids Come Home

When college students return home for their first holiday visit, they may be ready to test their new-found independence while their parents are ready to fall back on familiar relationships. Learn a few simple strategies to bring both sides together while strengthening family bonds.

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10 In-Demand Jobs in Health Care

Check out these in-demand jobs in health care – from nursing to informatics – in fields that are predicted to grow through 2020.

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5 Tips to Finding the Best Online Learning Opportunity

Online learning is a disruptive force that’s changing the way people access learning opportunities in higher education and elsewhere. A new study proving the effectiveness of online learning will soon bring even more opportunities into the marketplace.

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Exercise Your Brain—Why Lifelong Learning Keeps You Healthy

A new study by the Mayo Clinic finds that a healthy brain needs exercise, too! See how lifelong learning can keep your brain in shape.


Looking for Retirement Jobs?

What are the best types of retirement jobs? In this exclusive interview, the CEO of Retirement Jobs shares expert career advice for midlife job seekers.

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Adult Learners Share Their Stories: Inspirational Videos

Watch adult learners share their stories of finding personal and career satisfaction through education in these inspirational videos.

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5 Ways to Stop the Summer Brain Drain

Don’t lose your educational edge this summer! One family of five has put these strategies to stop summer brain drain into action so everyone stays on track.

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Student with Learning Disabilities Rises to the Top of Her Class

This student’s determination to overcome learning disabilities led her to the top spot of valedictorian at Beacon College. Through her support and guidance, she’s made a lasting impact on fellow students.

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Art Degree Provides Outlet for Student with Learning Disabilities

Combining both digital media and studio art has allowed this student with learning disabilities to express herself creatively, hone career-ready skills in graphic design, and triumph over the anxiety of sharing her personal journey through her art.

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