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5 Higher Education Trends of 2013

Colleges are both embracing and being challenged by online education, new technologies are revolutionizing the classroom, and the US is still experiencing a shortage of skilled workers—2013 has been a revolutionary year in higher education. What will 2014 bring?

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Developing Digital Literacy for the Workplace

Knowing how to navigate online is a fundamental skill for today’s job market. We’ve explained exactly what digital literacy skills you need and how you can improve them to stay current in the workplace.

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College Thanksgiving: 5 Things to Do When You Can’t Go Home

Not all college students can make it home for Thanksgiving—the flights may be too expensive, the trips too long for a weekend, the weather too unpredictable. Maybe you have a research project you need to monitor or a term paper coming due. Just because you can’t make it home doesn’t mean you can’t have an […]

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Learning from the Expertise of Others

As a college student or recent graduate, you have probably spent nearly 16 years of your life learning in school. Hopefully this won’t come as a surprise, but your real education is just beginning. The most important learning of you life starts now. The way you learn now will be fundamentally different from the formal […]

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5 Hot Credentials That Don’t Exist Yet

Some of the hottest jobs today didn’t exist ten years ago—social media manager, app developer, user experience manager, elder care specialist, to name a few—and chances are the top jobs of ten years from now will depend on a technology that hasn’t yet been developed. In today’s world, where many positions have an associated professional […]