Applying to Schools in the South? 4 Great Colleges to Consider

texas christian university reviewsEvery year the Ivies and other prestigious private schools in the northeast are overrun with applications and interest from students they do not have room for. But let’s face it – there are plenty of wonderful schools where you can earn your degree and not have to deal with terrible weather for most of the academic year.

This year there are several colleges and universities in the southern US that have gone a long way to increase their popularity and put themselves on the national map. Here are just a few of them:

Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX

Prospective students across the country are increasingly seeing themselves fashioning purple and white come fall. Texas Christian University has never seen more interest. Last year, not only did TCU win the Rose Bowl and announce it was moving to the Big East Conference, but the admissions office also saw more than 19,000 applications for 1800 spots. TCU has seen a 300 percent jump in applications over the past 10 years and is now the second most selective school in Texas behind only Rice.

In July the cover story of Fort Worth Magazine touts TCU as the hottest school in Texas. “The number of folks visiting our school is up 54 percent from last year,” said Ray Brown, dean of admissions at Texas Christian University. “We are also seeing a lot more students sending us their test scores. Last year at this time we had received 15.9 percent more test scores than we did the year previous. That 15.9 percent increase ultimately led us to a 36.1 percent increase in applications.”

Sewanee: The University of the South in Sewanee, TN

Nestled atop the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, this small private liberal arts college made a splash on the national stage by announcing it was reducing tuition and fees by 10 percent. Sewanee’s announcement was made after the deadline to submit applications for this fall’s class, but University of the South officials say they have seen increased interest. Since the February announcement campus visits are up more than 60 percent prior to the last year. The incoming freshman class at Sewanee is the institutions largest at 430 students.

Last year the class was roughly 400. “That increase is likely due to more than one factor, but we believe the tuition decrease did indeed have an effect on families’ college decisions,” said Lee Ann Afton, dean of admission and financial aid at Sewanee.

Meredith College in Raleigh, NC

Meredith College is an all women’s college within walking distance to North Carolina State University continues to gain popularity. One way to gauge admissions is through yield – the percentage of students that are offered admissions and enroll. Meredith continues to have a very strong yield with more than 40 percent of those offered admission to the college accepting. The national average is below 30 percent. “Interest at Meredith is growing, said Daniel Green, associate vice president for enrollment management at Meredith College. “We have seen a 44 percent increase in inquiries and expect a large class in the fall between 410-415 students.”

Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, FL

Saint Leo University, a non-profit Roman Catholic institution with a physical campus in Saint Leo, FL and a virtual campus that offers extensive online educational opportunities through the Center for Online Learning, will see one of the largest classes the history of the institution. That credit can be given to a number of factors at Saint Leo including a 30 percent spike in commuter students and a 100 percent increase in international students. “Saint Leo is really having a terrific year,” said Scott Rhodes, associate vice president of enrollment at Saint Leo. “First time in college students have increased 14 percent over last year and we are 50 deposits ahead of last year.”

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