Anxious About Taking the SAT? Getting Over SAT Prep Stress

sat test prep stress anxietyThis Saturday, students all across the country will be franticly filling out little bubbles with number 2 pencils. The stakes are high. Everyone takes the SAT with hopes for scoring well enough to get into their dream college.  No wonder students have SAT test prep anxiety!

Of course with these high hopes and last-minute efforts to prepare comes baggage. Lots of baggage. If studying for the SAT is making you a big ball of nerves it may be time to think of some ways to cut down on your stress. After all, you don’t want to get “brain freeze” on test day because you’re so overwhelmed!

StudentAdvisor asked Rory Hatfield, a veteran SAT tutor at Kaplan, what the most effective SAT Prep techniques were for cutting down the stress. Read more…

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