Accepting Your Child’s College Choice

Choosing a college is an important part of every family’s life. While most parents are there to support their children emotionally and financing, it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily happy with where their child wants to go.

We got this question from a parent about accepting your child’s college choice:

“I don’t approve of my child’s college choice should I discourage him or just accept his decision?”

Here are highlights from some of the best answers we received:

“You should express your disapproval, but not discourage him from following his dreams. Unless the school is way out of your price range, let your child decide for himself.”

“Do not discourage him, my parent tried this and it failed. It also made my years in college much more difficult for me knowing that they didn’t approve.”

“Ultimately, it’s most important for your child to choose a college where they will feel comfortable and be able to learn. Sending children to college is an exercise in letting go of a little control; it’s time to trust your child and the values you’ve instilled in him for the last 18 years.”

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