9 Ways to Reduce College Costs

Recently, StudentAdvisor.com’s CEO Brian Eberman was featured in a RadicalParenting.com article about ways families can reduce the costs of college.

Here are 9 ways to reduce college costs:

1. Research various college scholarship opportunities that are awarded to students with particular talents, interests and familial or physical characteristics – from music to public speaking, vegetarians to organ donors, thousands of scholarships are available for even the most unusual of applicants.

2. If academically possible – and emotionally feasible – speak with your student about taking the maximum number of credits allowed each semester. By doing this, your child could conceivably reduce the time it takes to graduate. By graduating in three years instead of four, you eliminate an entire year’s worth of educational expenses, including tuition, housing – even laundry. To take this idea further, your child may consider going to school year-round. Some schools now offer such a schedule. Though this won’t save you much up front on the cost of the education, it saves a lot on the opportunity cost of not working, and under a year-round calendar, motivated students may complete their bachelor’s degrees in three years.

Read the rest of the article and find out more ways to reduce college costs.

What are some ways your family tries to reduce college costs? Comment & share below!

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