7 Teaching Tips to Influence the Bright Minds of Tomorrow

teaching tips for the classroom

Teachers are among the most valuable professionals in society because they prepare the next generation for future success. Most likely your life has been affected in a positive way because of a teacher. It is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers out there because you can influence and make a difference for so many people. If you are looking to or are already on your way to becoming a teacher, consider these seven ideas that have helped many teachers to influence their students in positive ways:

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1. Networking

Teachers can learn much from their peers. Networking by joining teacher organizations and participating in teacher groups is a great way to exchange ideas for fostering student learning, especially ideas from different school systems.

2. Professional development

Attending conferences, registering for training workshops, and participating in regional seminars can be helpful in expanding teachers’ credentials and skills to enhance their performance in the classroom. Students benefit from their teachers’ extra learning that is used to upgrade teaching activities.

3. Shared classroom leadership

Putting bright students in charge of certain lessons is a way to build their confidence and encourage peer learning. Even some of the talkative or easily distracted students can become more serious about learning when asked to lead a specific class lesson.

4. Earn a master’s degree.

Working towards a master’s degree in education is a great way to learn even more advanced techniques for helping students learn class material. Teachers can also develop more confidence and leadership qualities that may eventually allow them to move into administrative positions, where they can influence student learning through the selection of curriculum and textbooks.

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5. Find a mentor

Teachers that find mentors to work with often learn valuable techniques to motivate their students. Mentors have experience and insight to offer, which can translate into a positive classroom experience for new or less experienced teachers.

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6. Inspire student creativity

Students love a challenge, and they enjoy competition. Teachers that provide both are inspiring their students to pursue excellence in problem-solving strategies. For example, a science contest to build a better sailboat that floats in a classroom tub of water using limited materials can be a fun and creative exercise for students. Encouraging them to compete in state and national events like the spelling bee instills confidence and a desire to excel.

7. Reward excellence

When students solve a problem, earn high grades, or display creativity, they can be rewarded with classroom merits, points, or fun gifts to recognize their success. In turn, this motivates them to keep trying as they get older, establishing a life-long pattern for success.

Efforts like these can pay huge dividends in training students for the future. Teachers benefit, too, in learning how to motivate and inspire others.

Do you have any inspirational teaching tips to share?

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