7 Cheap Halloween Costumes for College Students

Halloween is just around the corner, and for the last-minute college students on a budget, finding the right costume is a nessecity for the upcoming Halloween parties. Disclaimer: This is one list that doesn’t include Lady Gaga or Snooki because, for the love of all things holy, the staff at StudentAdvisor is SO OVER these costumes, and it hasn’t even been Halloween yet!

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Here are some cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas for college students, as well as a few tips on how to put them together:
nerd costume

  1. GHOST. Locate an old white sheet. Drape over your head and cut out eye holes so you can see.
  2. CLOWN. Wear oversized and bright colored clothes, decorate with fabric paint, Sharpies, or different shapes of felt if you’re feeling ambitious. Pin some pom-poms to your shoes. Add a cheap colorful wig and hat. Face paint & makeup.
  3. NERD. Roll up a pair of black pants to make them just a little too short. Slick back your hair, wear white socks, and wear your nicest shoes. Craft a pocket protector out of paper (or not – I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually seen a pocket protector in real life), and fill it with lots of pens. The finishing touch is a pair of dark rimmed glasses with tape around the nose.
  4. MISS AMERICA. Old bridesmaid or formal dress and heels. Put your hair in an updo. Add oversized sparkley jewelry and a lot of makeup. Find a piece of wide ribbon and write “Miss America” in glitter for the sash.
  5. PIRATE. Wrapping one of your legs in brown felt or an old brown t-shirt (the peg leg, duh). Wear black jeans with a striped top. Tie a bandana around your head, and wear an eye patch.

And two from the Pop Culture Reference box:

  1. JUNO. From the movie, Juno, stuff a pillow under multiple layers of shirts. Wear Chucks and ripped jeans while making snarky references about everyone who’s dressed up like a character from Jersey Shore. For added authenticity, carry around a jug of Sunny D.
  2. DWIGHT SHRUTE FROM ‘THE OFFICE’. Not far off from the nerd costume. Find a short-sleeved button down shirt, a tie and part your hair down the middle. Swap the thick-rimmed glasses for wire frames. Talk about how smart you are, and offer beets to Trick or Treaters.

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