6 More Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for College Students

valentines-day-cheap-datesLast year
, I shared with you some of my tride and true strategies for a cheap college Valentine’s date. Valentine’s Day is rough in college: restaurants inflate their menu prices, it’s absolutely freezing in most of the country, and finding something affordable, fun, and not awkward can be a chore. These are some tested, romantic, fun Valentine’s dates that won’t break the bank.

1.  Groupon.

Groupon, Living Social and other coupon sites offer tons of discounted activities in almost every city. The catch with Valentine’s Day is that most coupons blackout high-trafficked holidays, meaning that you can’t use any discounts on Valentine’s Day. However, try to check out the “Events and Activities” section. Even though they’re not selling candlelight dinners, what could be more fun than a February 14th psychic reading or round of monster mini-golf?

2.  Take a walk.

Nothing is cheaper and takes up more time than a long walk! If it’s not below zero degrees where you live, try talking a walk somewhere scenic that your date has never been. This is also a great idea for a first date – no pressure to pay, and you’ll learn tons about each other. If you live in a city, you can also do some window shopping and find out more about what your date likes.

3.  At-Home date

A favorite for those of us that forget to make reservations, the at-home date has all the good intentions of a regular date, but for a quarter of the price. Make your favorite meals together, set the table nicely, and light some candles. If you live in a dorm, clean out the common room and order some take-out. You’ll have a great time talking and be able to control your food and environment.

4.  Winter activities.

There are plenty of winter activities that don’t involve taking a weekend-long ski trip. If it snows where you live, try sledding or ice skating. Both of these shouldn’t be more than a few dollars, and can entertain you all day long. After, stop for some hot chocolate.

5.  Volunteering.

If you’re looking for a way to spend some time with your Valentine, and help others, try to spend some time volunteering together. A food bank, animal shelter, or other local cause can usually use an extra set of hands – or two. Check out where you and your date can spend a few hours to use your Valentine’s Day to give back.

6.  Planetarium.

One of the more underrated dates, going to the planetarium is original, romantic and educational. Usually just a few dollars, you can hold hands under the stars, even if it’s the middle of the day, or cloudy!

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