6 Best-Paying Jobs for Engineers

top jobs for engineers

While there are lots of engineers out there, there’s plenty of room for more as many aspects of this field continue to grow both nationally and internationally. The best-paying jobs for engineers require more experience and expertise than entry-level positions do, but these are the jobs to shoot for as you plan your first steps into your chosen field of engineering.

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To determine exactly what kind of engineering degree you want to study for, check out Jobtonic’s list of the 6 best-paying jobs for students who graduate with engineering degrees.

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1. Petroleum Engineer: average salary: $172,000

Black gold moves mountains, and money makes the world go round. It is no surprise, then, that the petroleum engineer comes out on top, earning the highest paying salary on the list. Although the life of a high-salaried petroleum engineer can be luxurious, there are times when this engineer is required to travel abroad, to where the drilling occurs, and so be aware that this professional can be away from family for long periods of time.

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2. Engineering Manager: average salary: $105,000

The engineering manager holds a top-level engineering position requiring project management skills. It is a less hands-on branch of work involving more of a heavy grind at a desk. Although this professional may not need to travel abroad as much as some of the engineers he manages, this job can be as time-consuming as the one topping our list.

3. Senior Software Engineer: average salary: $99,200

The senior software engineer works in the field of computer science. If you are on your way to becoming one, or if you’re already practicing, then you know that one of the great aspects of this position is its more favorable work-to-life ratio compared with some of the other engineering jobs on the list.

4. Nuclear Engineer: average salary: $98,400

Nuclear engineers make up a smaller group on the whole, but they are definitely well paid. These jobs require a lot of skill and knowledge, and nuclear engineers must have a solid foundation in engineering education since they’ll be dealing with an ever-evolving area of expertise.

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5. Aerospace Engineer: average salary: $93,200

Houston, we don’t have a problem, especially because aerospace engineers can also work for airlines and aircraft-related industries in addition to space-related industries, expanding their possibilities for netting high-paying jobs. It is also a plus for these engineers that the privatization and globalization of the space industry is opening up more employment possibilities in a burgeoning new, world-wide sector.

6. Chemical Engineer: average salary: $86,700

Finally, the chemical engineer rounds out our list, but even this last position packs an amazing remuneration for graduates holding this degree. Plan to love both science and math to be a chemical engineer as you will be studying chemistry, physics, biology, and advanced mathematics.

Did you find this article useful in mapping out your future plans? We hope you have… so keep on studying and aiming for those high-paying jobs!

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