5 Unique Online Master’s Degrees to Consider Pursuing

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Earn online master’s degree can be an important decision for many wanting to advance their career or skill set. An important step in this process is carefully considering programs and tracks that can set you apart from other candidates. Here are a few masters’ degrees to consider pursuing remotely to move forward in your career or consider changing paths.

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Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (Average Salary $80,000)

Businesses small and large are quickly relying on efficient building design and ethical sustainable practices that have a smaller global footprint. Rising utility costs and consumer concern is quickly making the field of renewable energy and sustainable design an attractive option. This type of master’s degree studies program prepares individuals for advanced understanding of businesses that are acquiring LEED green building certification as well as consulting capacities.

Computer Information Technology (Average Salary $51,871)

Information technology has consistently been a top performing career option as well as one of the most rapidly changing. A master’s in computer information technology provides a more in-depth view of how computer systems work at the enterprise level in private and public sectors. They are one of the most online-friendly degrees available and allow for intense specialization in growing fields such as usability and user interface design.

Information Assurance (Average Salary $65,000)

Information security and quality assurance is on the mind of many businesses and public institutions today. As the presence of technology continues to grow, these needs for a strong knowledge base in information security will continue to grow. An online master’s in information assurance is a unique hybrid of the management of information security and the implementation of cost-effective enterprise equipment. It is an excellent online option for those that want to combine the skills of data forensics and cyber security with a deep understanding of advanced networking design.

Advanced Practiced Nursing (Average Salary $85,908)

A master’s degree in nursing can open a considerable number of options in advanced patient care. Most nationally ranked programs offer a master’s degree in nursing in either a clinical nurse specialist or practitioner role that allows a nurse to perform the role of primary care specialist or researcher. This unique degree track can even offer specialties in health care informatics or health care systems for the technology savvy healthcare practitioner. These online degrees are coupled with in-person clinical experiences.

Project Management (Average Salary 96,425)

The overseeing of projects is an important aspect for every business. Whether the institution is public or private, accomplishing tasks in an efficient manner is quickly becoming high in demand. A master’s degree in project management exposes students to a variety of techniques and skills in complex project management scenarios. It’s also one of the first stepping stones to achieving PMI certification through the Project Management Institute. An online master’s in Project Management is one of the most unique business-oriented tracks because it can apply to a variety of roles and career paths.

Some of the most unique master’s degree programs are applicable to a variety of careers. Whether it’s working as a project manager for a large institution or providing a comprehensive development of safe networking protocols for a new business, there is a master’s degree available for you.

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