5 Tips to Find an Internship

By Antonette Poli, Special to StudentAdvisor.com

Internships are a vital part of a student’s educational experience. Internships help students get a glimpse into the field they are interested in pursuing after graduation. What a great way to see what people’s day to day responsibilities are really like, and what is going on in the specific industry – before they graduate! Students will also start to build a network of business professionals who they can reference in the future for advice or possible career inquires.

Employers recognize internships as real world experience, which is beneficial for students to have on their resume. It also shows that the student went further than the required college classes, and got some additional hands-on experience – regardless if they were paid for the internship or not.

Here are 5 Tips for Students Looking for Internships:

1. NETWORKING. Attend career fairs, alumni events, and other networking activits on campus to meet people in your desired field. When you are ready to start searching for a relevant internship (or job) you will have a list pf people and companies to reference.

2. RESUME. Create a strong resume to make yourself stand out. Focus on your accomplishments and highlight your key strengths.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA. Create a LinkedIn page and post that you are looking for an internship in “X” industry. You are also able to search for internships by companies and industries on LinkedIn – so use this as a search tool! Post your internship search on Facebook, Twitter, and relevant blogs as well. As a precaution always – make sure anything (photos, wall posts, comments, videos, information) that is on your social media accounts in appropriate for the workplace.

4. BE PROACTIVE. Don’t just apply to an internship posting and then wait for a response. Be aggressive and follow-up with a call or email after a few days. Post your resume on available job boards. Reach out to other professionals in your field who you may know personally, or who you may find on LinkedIn, etc.

5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Research companies you are interested in, and then reach out to the HR dept to ask if they have an internship program. If they don’t – ask to be their internship. Remember there’s no harm in asking.

What was the best internship you’ve had? Comment & share any internship stories or tips below!

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5 Tips to Find an InternshipAntonette Poli is the Talent Resource Manager at Grey Healthcare Group, a Global Healthcare Communications Firm.