5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

By Laura LaPerriere, Resident Career Expert from GetTheJob.com, Special to StudentAdvisor.com

Struggling to write the perfect resume? According to the experts, only one resume out of 200 will lead to a job offer – so how are you going to make sure your resume gets noticed? Even if your skills are top notch, today’s job market is keenly competitive.

Your resume must include basic information, but the perfect resume also includes a summary statement. Your resume should also reference skills and accomplishments, either under a separate heading or as part of your employment history.

Make sure to follow these 5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume:

1. MAKE IT LOOK GREAT. Your resume should be clean, simple, and easy to read. Make important information stand out. If information won’t fit on 1 or 2 pages, rewrite it so it’s more concise. Never use a font smaller than 11 points, and text blocks should be six lines max.

2. DON’T WRITE MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO. Employers are only interested in your employment history if it is related to and qualifies you for the position they are trying to fill. If a past work experience doesn’t match what you’re applying to now, don’t describe it in exhaustive detail.

3. QUANTIFY YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Think in terms of cause and effect; you did something, and got “X” result. For example:

  • “Supervised office staff of three,” (cause)
  • “Increased office productivity by 30%, and reduced error rate by 40%” (effect)

4. HIGHLIGHTS SKILLS THAT APPLY TO THE JOB. If you have both marketing and HR experience, but are applying for a strictly marketing job, it is more important to elaborate about your marketing experience. Don’t omit your HR experience on your resume, but rather limit the space on the resume you describe it. Make sure to explain your relevant marketing experience and highlight your past marketing accomplishments.

5. MOVE YOUR OBJECTIVE TO THE COVER LETTER. Don’t take up space on your resume for your employment objective, and include it as your personal mission statement on your cover letter instead. On your resume you should write a brief summary statement, where you can provide the reader with an understanding of you and what you bring to the table.

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