5 Things to Know About the Transition From High School to College


The summer between the end of high school and freshman year of college is truly a memorable time. You are encountering a transition that is exciting, nerve-wracking, incredibly intriguing, and fairly frightening all at once. This is one summer you won’t be spending worrying about the return of your school’s all too familiar bell schedules and classrooms because instead, you’ll be anxiously awaiting the brand new environment of campus opportunity and independence.

Of course, all universities are different and every college student experience will vary based on factors such as class size, program strength, living options, and more. Yet, regardless of those specific details, there are a handful of basic elements that all students will need to face head-on that encompass the main differences between being a high school student and a being a college student.

For those of you who have just flipped that tassel and are wondering how in the world you’re going to fit all your belongings into one of those tiny dorm rooms, here are 5 important things to understand about this major life transition from senior year to freshman year.

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