5 Strategies for Student Success

There are a lot of things to think about when you start the college admissions process. For most students, the key to being a successful student and getting into your dream college, is preparing early on!

Here are 5 Strategies for Student Success:

1. JOIN & LEAD. When you are a freshmen in high school, join clubs at school and take on leadership roles. Show dedication to the club(s) and take initiative. Aim to become a leader or president of the club by your Junior/Senior years. Better yet, start a club!

2. VOLUNTEER. If possible, volunteer your time to something that interests you – this shows that you are immersing yourself in your chosen field. Also, if possible, donate some of your free hours on a monthly basis to a soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, or another local charity. Admissions officers are always impressed with students who show dedication and support to the community.

3. LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF. Before you start the college application process, get to know yourself. Where, geographically, do you want to be? At what sized campus will you feel comfortable? What major(s) are you interested in pursuing? Only you can answer these questions, and they will definitely help narrow down your college list.

4. IVY LEAGUE? It’s true that Ivy League schools are top rate institutions, but the best college match for you may not be a “name” school. Don’t let a school’s name/reputation be the deciding factor when you are searching for colleges.

5. DON’T SHORTCHANGE THE ESSAYS. All college applications require the student to submit at least one essay. This is your chance to shine! Take the time to refine your essay so that it says exactly what you want it to say. In choosing your topic, you want to write about something that has an impact — it can make the reader laugh, cry, angry, sad, happy; your aim is to leave a lasting impression on the admissions officer.

For more advice from real guidance counselors, check out StudentAdvisor’s Navigating Admissions Guide.

What other tips or advice do you have for students? Comment & share below!

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