5 Packing Tips for College

By Veronica Mayo, Special to StudentAdvisor.com

5 packing tips for collegeI know that the thought of sending a child to college for the first time can be terrifying and overwhelming. Then there is all the planning and work that goes into making the actual move. Based on my past experience and learning from my mistakes, here are 5 packing tips for college  that will keep parents and students organized and sane:

1. CREATE A DETAILED SHOPPING LIST. If your student hasn’t been in contact with her or his roommate to coordinate items, then I suggest this happen as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute to get all your shopping done – it’s not a fun experience for your child if you are both exhausted and stressed out.

2. BINS. Plastic storage bins are the centerpiece to an effective packing strategy for college. I prefer the clear plastic type, so you can see what is inside. Label each bin according to the types of items that will be transported and stored in the bin. When you arrive at college, most of the bins don’t need to be unpacked. Simply store the bins under the bed. That’s the beauty of the bin approach. Even the largest bin can be accommodated under the beds, which is great, since space is very limited in the freshman residence hall rooms.

3. KEEP CLOTHES ON HANGERS. Don’t bother taking clothes off their hangers. Simple remove them from the closet and, place a garbage bag over the clothes. Poke a hole through the bottom of the bag to slip the hangers through. When you arrive at college, simply hang the clothes in the closet. This eliminates the need to pack and unpack a lot of clothes. This is a huge time-saver.

4. KEEP BOXES & PACKAGING. If your child is taking a new printer or other electronics, keep the box (foam and all). This makes it easier to re-pack at the end of the school year and prevents damage.

5. WHAT ELSE? There are some items that you might not think to bring. These include an area rug, small fan (it can get hot in those residence hall rooms), artwork for the walls, feather bed (the beds are hard), laundry bag (yes, the kids will actually be doing their own laundry), bulletin board, general tool kit, full length mirror and umbrella.

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Parents – what tips do you have for moving your child into college? Comment & share below!

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