5 Hot Credentials That Don’t Exist Yet

credentials-online-certificate Some of the hottest jobs today didn’t exist ten years ago—social media manager, app developer, user experience manager, elder care specialist, to name a few—and chances are the top jobs of ten years from now will depend on a technology that hasn’t yet been developed. In today’s world, where many positions have an associated professional organization, new jobs are often closely followed by new credentials. Many of these may be online certificate programs, but it’s likely we could see them pop up in brick-and-mortar colleges as well. Here are five credentials that don’t exist yet, but will soon:

Certificate in Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding took off in 2009 with the launch of Kickstarter, which has now hosted more than 100,000 projects. In 2012, the National Crowdfunding Association was formed to represent the interests of crowdfunding professionals. The NLCFA is currently working on a professional credential for Certified Crowdfund Advisors (CCAs), with an examination process expected to be put in place this year.

Certificate in Blogging

As part of an overall content management strategy, blogging is now a career for many, and companies hire freelance bloggers to increase their Internet presence. There are already specialty bloggers associations, such as the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, and a few attempts have been made at launching a general bloggers association. With the importance of blogging to marketing campaigns, branding, and customer relations, traditional and online certificate programs and credentials are probably just around the corner.

Certificate in Online Brand and Reputation Management

There are a few unofficial online certificate programs for brand and reputation management, but as more parts of our lives move online, expect this area to grow. In today’s digital environment, both companies and individuals are spending more time ensuring that their online reputations are intact.

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Degree in Generational Management

The Millennial generation has posed all kinds of challenges for employers—millennials are digital natives who have different expectations of their working lives than the generations before them. Many companies have hired human resources personnel specifically to manage this generation. Future generations of workers are likely to have their own unique needs, necessitating specialists in generational management. It is likely that there will be traditional and online certificate programs for human resources professionals that are adept at working with all generations.

Degree in Social Learning Management

With the proliferation of online education, social learning is one of the hottest topics around, and social learning managers are the newest additions to many companies’ human resources departments. As more social learning tools become available and businesses increasingly rely on social learning to replace formal training, online certificate programs and credentials in social learning management will emerge.   These credentials may not exist yet, but the jobs certainly do, and these are only a handful of the many possibilities. As we move into the next decades, many new fields will emerge and jobs will become available. Where will your career take you?


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