5 Final Tips for College Graduation!

tips for college graduation

Whether you are getting ready to start a career, deciding which graduate program to apply for, or just “taking it easy” the final semester before college graduation can be a challenge. The finish line is in sight, but many students have a tendency to coast during their last semester. Follow these five tips for college graduation to make sure that you finish strong!

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Mind and body are inseparable and the best way to stay mentally sharp for your last semester of college is to make sure you stay physically active. While eating a healthy diet on a college budget can be a challenge, staying active is usually a lot easier on the wallet. Most colleges provide students with free access to world class work-out equipment. The trick becomes making sure you devote enough time to hitting the gym.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is literally the least fun thing that anyone could be doing while they are in college. Unfortunately, being boring doesn’t make something any less necessary. Lack of sleep can lead to diminished mental and physical performance which can easily translate into feeling run down or coming down with a legitimate illness. The only way to feel rested is to actually get rest.

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Stay Engaged

While most college seniors are mentally preparing themselves for the future, the present is busily conspiring against them. The last semester before college graduation is full of capstone projects, paperwork, and double-checking graduation requirements. Unlike high school, college only gets more rigorous as time goes on. Staying actively engaged in the present ensures that you don’t miss any of the tiny details that can force a graduation delay.


One of the benefits of college is that it provides students with the opportunity to meet people who can help them in their chosen career field before they actually get into the workforce. Take advantage of networking while you are still a student. According to Heather Krasna, director of career services at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs, alumni and other contacts are more inclined to help you while you are still a student. Also, leverage the power of LinkedIn. Many students mistakenly believe that LinkedIn won’t help them until after they graduate, but a savvy strategy is to start assembling your network now.

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Apply to Graduate School

Many students adopt a wait and see attitude towards continuing their education. This is a mistake. If you wait until after graduation to look at post-graduate education such as sonography programs or MBA programs you are going to be behind the curve. Apply early and apply often is the best motto when it comes to continuing your education.

Life after college can be a scary proposition if you are unprepared. You can easily go from a structured daily life to complete freedom and chaos. However, with a little bit of planning, you can make sure that last semester propels you forward into the rest of your life.

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