5 Easy Steps to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

Tips for using your smartphone less often.


Spending time in our smartphones has become a somewhat addictive activity. Many of us check our devices mindlessly without having a specific purpose. Since there are so many apps that clutter our smartphones, we might go from one to the other, wasting valuable time that we could use to interact with other people who are actually sitting next to us or to do something meaningful for our personal development. Here are 5 ways that could help you spend less time on your smartphone unless you really need to.

1. Keep track

In case you are not convinced that you spend way too much time looking at your smartphone, you could try to install an app that counts how many times per day you unlock your device and how long you spend on it every time. This should raise your awareness and probably be an eye opener. Keep this one installed for further reference! Make yourself proud!

2. Uninstall apps

As soon as you realize your smartphone is taking over your life, you should ask yourself if you really need all the apps you have installed and check every time. Are Pinterest or We Heart It necessary? Do you like to just scroll down looking at images you will not even remember later? Try to access these websites online when you are using your laptop or PC instead of keeping them close by every second.

3. Get things done

Most of us check our smartphones first thing in the morning since we also use them as really expensive alarm clocks. This ends up in getting us late for class or for work, and we find out stuff from social media that has the potential to ruin our day before it even begins. Try to avoid all that by getting things done before you check your smartphone and paying attention to what’s really important.

4. Turn off notifications

When you are focused on doing something productive, the only way that you could get distracted is to hear a notification tone. Think about it; after you are interrupted by a notification, you will have a hard time getting as focused as you previously were. Not to mention that you’ll most definitely not limit yourself to checking that notification only. Check your phone whenever you’re done with a specific activity, not while you’re doing it.

5. Put it away

If you can’t put your smartphone away during the day, do so at least during the evening and before going to sleep. When you’re tuned in, your nervous system is in a state of permanent alert, a fact which can give you insomnia or keep you from falling asleep sooner.

These 5 pieces of advice are just a few of the baby steps you can take while trying to use your smartphone less often. Not using it at all or uninstalling all the apps that you’re normally using is not recommended because you might take it as a shock. You can make progress every day if you really want to!

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