5 College YouTubers You Should Be Following

Everyone loves YouTube, whether you’re just trying to find a funny viral video, trying to learn a DIY project, or just looking for some new music. However, there are some amazing college students out there using YouTube as a way to share their college experience – and maybe help make yours a little better. Here are five great college YouTubers. Have any more suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

1. Hayley G. Hoover – Answerly

Hayley G. Hoover is one of my favorite YouTubers on her regular channel, but for the past year she’s been answering college-related questions for Answerly, part of MyDamnChannel. She takes a humourous approach to giving college advice, and you’ll certainly find yourself watching everything she has to say.

2. Jessi Mae

Jessi Mae gives a thoughtful and honest explanation of what its like to be a college freshman and how to succeed in classes and academisc.

3. Meghan Rosette

Meghan makes lots of regular YouTube vlogs, but I’m partial to her “Dr. Meghan” series where she gives advice to her fans. She ran a series of college advice videos where she talked about dorms, parties, and finding friends. Her videos are a bit longer, but her advice is great her personality is engaging.

4. Allison Vlogs

Allison normally vlogs about lifestyle and culture, including popular television shows and books. However, she also produced a series about choosing and applying to college. Her advice is stellar – a lot of things that we have said on StudentAdvisor many times!

5. Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman doesn’t vlog much about college advice, but his video consoling students (and himself) about starting college is honest and heartwarming. Also – he gives an important male and important international perspective on college life!

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