5 College Degrees Packed With Career Potential

college degrees with career potential

Deciding on a career to pursue, and the courses to take in your first semester of college, is no walk in the park. However, there are five degrees experts agree have strong career potential. Of course, there are several factors that can help determine how far your degree takes you. These include economic conditions for the national and local economy, the ability to network, experience, and your level of education. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these options for college degrees that can lead to a secure future.

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Bachelor’s in Accounting

If you’re into crunching numbers, an accounting degree could be the perfect career fit. Both coursework, and what you’re likely to encounter on the job will help you become adept at analyzing financial activity, and interpreting the probability of future risk. Accounting degree graduates may go on to pursue careers as financial clerks, auditors and more. A master’s degree in accounting is sure to get you into many different careers and allow for more flexibility.

Bachelor’s in Information Technology

It’s the perfect career if you like interacting with technology. IT professionals may be qualified to pursue a career as a computer programmer, IT specialist, database administrator, and more. You’ll be able to get your foot in the door of many different companies, as they all need help with computer systems and programs.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

A broad area of study in administration can prepare graduates to seek employment in the fields of accounting, communication, sales, buying, business organization, and much more. Business graduates can develop skills used in a multitude of business disciplines. The job outlook is generally promising for professionals because there are so many areas of business where the degree can be applied. You might even consider becoming an entrepreneur.

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Bachelor’s in Computer Science

If you’re fascinated by how computers and people interact, this degree could lead to a promising career. Possible career paths may include video game development, computer programming, computer software engineering, and many other areas that require IT knowledge. O*NET Online projects continued job growth for computer science professionals. Without a strong IT department, most businesses would find it difficult to compete in today’s world.

Bachelor’s in Marketing

If you enjoy the idea of helping companies influence buying decisions, this could be a good field to pursue. Marketing takes a creative mind and the ability to sell. You’re likely to develop expertise in understanding consumer purchasing behavior, marketing research, advertising, pricing products and more. Marketing and sales are closely related, so there may be ample opportunities to pursue a sales career.

Pursuing a master’s degree in any of these areas can boost your career prospects even further. At the master’s level, you’re given greater responsibilities along with greater rewards. Give a bit of time and thought to the different avenues each degree might be able to take you.

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