The 5 Best Majors for Undeclared Students

college majors for undeclared students

Are you suffering from career indecision? Selecting a degree or major is a difficult process for some college students. Not only will it shape the types of careers you’re eligible for once you graduate, but considering the cost of a college degree, making the wrong decision can be regarded as an expensive mistake. This is why many students spend much of their college careers as “undeclared.”

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If your time is running short for selecting a major, here is a list of the five best majors for undeclared students.

1. Business Administration

A degree in business administration can set you up for a wide range of opportunities once you graduate. A business degree won’t just prepare you for generic management positions, you’ll also find yourself to be eligible for various positions in pre-law, hospital administration, non-profit work, and many other areas. As you consider a degree in business administration, ask yourself if you are comfortable keeping up with evolving computer technology. Computers are truly the backbone of the business world. You may also want to assess your communication skills. The business world requires a great amount of interpersonal skills.  Whether you are emailing or calling potential clients, you’ll want to make sure your communication skills are finely honed.

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2. Criminal Justice

There are many people that, besides being indecisive about their major, know they want to help people. One of the best majors and fields for these types of students is criminal justice. There are many types of jobs that criminal justice majors are eligible for, and you might also be interested to know that you can earn a degree in criminology online. A career in criminal justice requires proficient communication skills. Specifically, you’ll want to excel in active listening, negotiation, persuasion and speaking.  There are more communication skills, but these are the most critical to success in this field.

3.Health Science

Health science is the appropriate major for those who wish to enter the healthcare industry in some way, but aren’t sure how just yet. Many health science degree programs offer up coursework balanced between healthcare policy, general administration, and clinical practice. Health science is also a great foundation for those that will eventually go on to pursue more specific tracks in healthcare. To excel in the health science field, you’ll naturally need a keen interest in science and technology. You’ll also need to be a good communicator and be comfortable using an array of complex equipment.  Finally, you will need to possess meticulous attention to detail in order to produce accurate work under tight deadlines.

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4. Communications

The communications major is yet another field that serves as an umbrella for many different areas. Communications majors are constantly in-demand in the areas of business administration, public affairs, marketing, and even human resources. Those who enjoy connecting with others and solving problems in teams will benefit greatly from the communications major. Needless to say, you will have to possess finely-tuned interpersonal communication skills, presentation skills, and excellent writing skills. This is a degree you will want to steer clear from if you consider yourself an introvert.

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5. English

Lastly, you shouldn’t pass up English as an option for a major if you’re indecisive. While English was once highly regarded as a less opportune major, it is slowly becoming a better choice. The truth is that there is an immense publishing industry in the world that is alive and well. This industry is constantly in need of those that can write well, and also edit what that others have written. Communication is one of the most basic building blocks beneath business, and people who are well-versed in it are becoming more valuable. Those considering a degree in English should possess impeccable writing skills, communication skills, and be able to work independently.

There’s no sense in pulling your hair out if you can’t decide on a major just yet. If possible, complete any core courses available from your university so that you can allow yourself more time to make an informed decision about your major.

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