4 Ways to Revamp Your Résumé and Stay Productive This Summer


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After a busy semester at college or university, most students can’t wait for the summer to arrive so they can have some fun and not worry about revising for exams. However, when the summer actually gets here, they can find they get bored in no time at all. After a few days out with friends, funds can be low and it means finding a new way of making the most of our free time.

Some students will be making the most of their summer with social activities, but it is important to get a good range of both social and productive activities in to your summer break. With competition for jobs higher than ever, there is a greater need for students to go the extra mile to make their résumé stand out and learn more life skills.

There are many ways students can stay productive this summer. Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure you are as employable as you can be when you graduate. Remember, it is important that you get the right balance of productivity and relaxation so that you don’t feel you have spent your whole summer working!

1. Revamp your résumé 

When attempting to get a job or work experience, remember that your résumé is the first impression you give to an employer so it needs to represent you in the best way possible. Take a look at your résumé and see what areas could be improved. Think about what you could do this summer to make your résumé even stronger. If you take the time to improve it now it will save time when job hunting and help you to avoid wishing you had a skill that you could have worked on when you had more free time. Keep your résumé  up-to-date and make sure it looks good. Remember that employers want experience so think about what internships would be beneficial for you.

2. Enjoy an exercise routine

Instead of staying up late every night and not getting up until 3pm the next day, make the most of your summer by working on your appearance and get fighting fit. Regular exercise improves concentration by 21% and motivation to work by 41%, so what better way to get yourself pumped up for another productive year in education? To keep it social, sign up to a gym with a friend and motivate each other on those days when you’re feeling lazy.

3. Learn a new skill

If you want to stand out from a crowd, using the summer to work on a new skill can be a very productive activity. There are many skills you could learn to boost your résumé  whether that is a free online course on subjects outside your degree, a new hobby, or even learning a new instrument.

4. Get a summer job

Spending a couple of days a week in a part time job will help you to learn a range of skills that you couldn’t learn elsewhere. Not only will it help you to earn money that you can use to go out and spend time with friends, you can also save money for your education and unexpected future expenses. It’s always good to have savings for occasions that you cannot foresee.

Remember, don’t expect the impossible. Be realistic about the goals you set yourself. If you set impossible standards you may give up before you even begin.

ways for students to stay productiveSamantha Atherton – Sam is a journalism graduate who writes for WBSA Student Journal.  She enjoys learning new things and meeting new, interesting people.

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