4 Top Reasons to Choose a Paralegal Degree

4 reasons to choose a paralegal career


When discussing the advantages of entering the paralegal field, there are so many benefits available that one has to narrow them down to just four reasons. Our article below covers this promising career path for those who choose to earn a paralegal degree, and why it is considered an explosive career opportunity.

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Gone are the days when a paralegal’s job description meant simply sitting in a legal firm’s office environment for several hours a day. The sole purpose for being a paralegal is to help people with legalities/legal problems across a broad and multifaceted range of platforms.

Some such platforms are criminal law, unemployment filings, immigration, real estate matters, and mergers and/or acquisitions. That being said, if you relish something that requires good reasoning, clarity, complex research and analysis, a paralegal position may be the right career path for you.

Job Outlook/Job Growth

According to recent findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the paralegal profession is now listed as 17th on the 200 best career fields to enter.

Projected to Bureau of Labor Statistics between the years 2012 and 2022, employment of paralegals shows an unprecedented growth potential that is faster than the average of other careers—with the exception of health care.

Job Security/Room for Advancement

Even during periods of economic downturns, many law firms have traditionally weathered the storms of financial instability. Moreover, because specialties abound in so many other areas such as health care and corporate settings, paralegals enjoy regular career changes to areas that are more interesting to them personally.

A high-performing paralegal is a prime candidate for promotions that carry incentives and perks. Naturally, the appeal of being able to later shift into a more distinguished profession as an attorney is always present as well.

That being said, employers typically look for those who possess professional acumen, dedication, and strategic abilities to join their legal environment. Moreover, the first choice for hiring many times goes to the paralegal with experience, formal training, and excellent skills in computer/database management.

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Educational Ease

With today’s many fine and reputable online schools, students can study for a master’s in paralegal from the comfort of their own homes. These online programs offer the same equivalent course studies as associate degree courses offered in many on-site environments.

Financial Incentives

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals typically start entry positions with a median pay of $46,990 per year or $22.59 per hour, with a simple associate’s degree and no previous experience. Consequently, many consider the career choice as being a wise and lucrative one.

There is no doubt that the paralegal field is one of the most promising career paths one can take in today’s world. Job security, room for career advancement, financial incentives and ease of educational opportunity point to this as being a winner in career choices.

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