4 Technology Degrees to Spark Your High-Tech Passion

technology degrees

Technology is becoming more prevalent in all aspects of people’s lives, and there is no better way to get involved in the world of high tech than by earning a technology degree. There are a number of different degrees that people can earn to help them get a job working with technology, and here are four to consider.

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1. Computer Science

Computer science is the degree program that people usually think of first when they want to get a technology degree. People who study computer science will learn the basics of programming in addition to the concepts behind how computers function. Individuals who get a degree in computer science will be qualified to get jobs that involve creating new technology or managing computer systems for companies. Computers and information systems managers made an average of $120,000 per year in 2012.

2. Management Information Systems

People who are interested in both technology and business should consider getting a degree in management information systems. These degree programs give people a foundation in technology and in the way that businesses function. People who study management information systems will also learn about project management, and they are often employed to do things like run enterprise resource management systems and analyze business computer systems. Someone who lands a job as an information systems manager can expect a median salary of approximately $123,000 a year.

3. Engineering

There are a number of engineering disciplines that deal directly with technology, and people who have these degrees often make the highest salaries for recent graduates. Individuals who study computer engineering will focus more on hardware whereas software engineering is gear towards teaching people things like applications development. Online electrical engineering master’s degree students also generally have the option to do things that are directly related to technology. People should keep in mind that studying engineering will require them to take more math courses than they would with most other majors. In 2012, an electrical engineer averaged an annual salary just a shade under $90,000.

4. Information Technology

Information technology degree programs teach people how to implement technology, and individuals who get these degrees often go on to work in fields like database development, networking and systems administration. While these degrees do not place as much emphasis on programming as computer science, they are ideal for people who have an interest in technology but do not want to take a large number of math classes. Occupations in information technology can range in salary from $60,000 to $100,000 yearly.

The Bottom Line

Getting a tech degree is a great way to secure a lucrative job and pursue a passion for technology. Luckily, there are degree programs available that focus on many different aspects of technology. People who are interested in getting a tech degree can  choose to pursue their education in a traditional classroom setting or online.

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