4 Serious Career Paths for Computer Science Majors

computer science majors

If you are looking for a college major with serious job possibilities, computer science is the way to go. According to Forbes, computer science is tied for the best choice in master’s degrees based on pay and job outlook. The magazine based their decision on information gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which puts the median annual salary for a computer science job at the mid-career point at $109,000. The expected increase in employment through 2020 is a steady 27 percent.

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It is important to choose a degree program that helps you to develop advanced analytical skills and build an increased aptitude for algorithms, programming, logical reasoning, and complex computing systems so that you can be successful at one of the many career paths a master’s degree in computer science may lead you to. And, pursuing a master’s degree in computer science can take as little as 1.6 years with a program like the online NJIT master’s of computer science, which allows students to work full-time while finishing their degree.

Here are 4 paths you can take with a master’s degree in computer science:

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1. Software Developer

A career as a software developer includes computer programming and writing code while being involved in the early designing processes, and then fine tuning and maintaining the final design. Some of the software that developers work on are operating systems, business applications, computer games, and internet security systems.

2. Software Architect

A software architect makes high-level design choices and may also dictate technical standards, including coding or tools used to complete a design. Part of their job is to divide a complex application, while the design phase is in progress, into small, manageable pieces.

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3. Software Engineer

A software engineer will often work with programmers to develop computer code for an application. This can lead to the creation of new software, or make an update for existing software. Even if the software engineer doesn’t do the actual coding, they still plan out how to best accomplish the tasks necessary to update or create new products for their employer.

4. Research

A computer scientist with a master’s degree can work as a researcher for public or private organizations. The government offers jobs in the National Security Agency researching and developing computer systems that can be used for defense. Private companies such as Google also hire workers with a master’s to do practical research.

If you are looking to complete your master’s degree in computer science, it is important to choose a program that fits your needs and lifestyle. Opportunities for great careers are available that fit your experience and interests.


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