4 Scholarships to Help Fund Your Bachelor’s Degree

% College scholarships to help pay for your bachelor's degree.

College tuition is on the rise throughout the U.S. and if you want to lower your financial burden, you would do well to apply for every scholarship possible. Scholarships are a great chance to get money for school based on merit and future projects. They do take some time to fill out and complete, but if you can take some extra time, it can be worth the cost later on. If you plan to pursue a college education, you can lower your tuition bill by applying for these top four scholarships.

1. Bound to Stay Bound Books Scholarship

Students who plan to major in specialties like online masters in library science and information science are eligible for the Bound to Stay Bound Book Scholarship. This scholarship awards up to $7000 a year to students who plan to work in the library sector, particularly one that serves children. The deadline for this scholarship is March 1 of each year.

2. The No-Essay Scholarship

This scholarship has relatively easy application standards and awards up to $2000 to recipients intending to major in liberal arts. The money from this scholarship can be used for tuition, as well as housing, food, transportation, and other college-related costs. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is August 31 of every year. The application must be completed online and is offered by Niche.

3. Excellence of Scholarship Award

Given by the National Council for Geographic Education, this scholarship awards varying amounts to recipients around the country. The deadline for applying is April 30 and is intended for students majoring in geography, with a preference given to those who pursue a bachelor of art with a specialty in teaching geography. Applicants must be nominated for the award by a NCGE member.

4. ScholarshipPoints Scholarship

This scholarship awards up to $10,000 to the winners through a series of monthly drawings. The application for this scholarship must be completed online and the program gives away a total of $100,000 each year to recipients throughout the country. It is awarded to students who plan to major in any bachelor of art program at any college in the U.S.

As colleges and universities across America raise their tuition rates, you may want to apply for scholarships that will lower your financial burden. These scholarships are the top four you may want to submit an application for if you want to get a degree in liberal arts. Lowering your costs and being smart about your education money can take you far in your future.

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