4 New MOOCs You Should Take Right Now

4 New MOOCs You Should Take Right Now

January has started off with some fabulous and inspiring new MOOCs! Two universities have brought some of the most fascinating courses we’ve seen. First, Wesleyan University’s new MOOC How to Change the World has already created quite a buzz. Mashable announced the MOOC in the article, “This Online Course Will Teach You How to Change the World,” and it went viral within hours. Also, the University of Oklahoma launched 13 new MOOCs for the spring semester on their new Janux OpenCourseWare community. Janux is an impressive setup, but what we love about it are the courses being offered. Registered OU students can also take the MOOCs for credit, which is fantastic. See all the MOOCs OU offers; we picked some of our favorites below.

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Explore these unique and interesting topics—all for free. There’s still time to sign up!

  1. How to Change the World. Inspired by the Social Good Summit held at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Wesleyan University partnered with the nonprofit community center to bring you this free course that looks at how we can make meaningful and lasting changes in the world. Wesleyan President Michael Roth will lead the course, and he says the aim is simple: “to put together the facts, the energy, and the actions to make a real difference in addressing some of the major problems confronting the world today.” So, get ready to change the world!
  2. Practical Importance of Human Evolution. Get more familiar with your ancient roots in this OU course. Don’t just learn about human evolution, learn why we study it and why it’s important to know. This class is great for science novices because you don’t need any prior background in biological science.
  3. Understanding Detection and Deception. Learning how to be a super spy? Sign me up, please! Well, it may not be ultra spy training, but learning how to tell when someone’s lying to you could be really handy. It will add an extra something to your repertoire if you work in law enforcement, national security and intelligence analysis, criminal justice, psychology, sociology, or communication. Plus it’s a handy skill to have in your personal life.
  4. Chemistry of BeerYou can’t be a connoisseur if you don’t understand the very nature of the thing you pursue excellence in. Beer is less intimidating than wine, sure, but there are a lot of differences from one type to the next. The reason is chemistry, chemistry, and more chemistry. Every taste you love and every taste you may not like in a beer comes straight from the chemical makeup of this bubbly beverage. Why not get to know your beer from beginning to end?

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If you’re looking for more suggestions, search LearningAdvisor for a course just for you. Have fun learning!

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