4 Interdisciplinary College Majors That Open Career Doors

 Interdisciplinary college majors prepare students for future careers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for criminal justice majors is expected to increase on average by 10% or more, depending upon the occupation: Given the rise in popularity in specialty jobs like forensic anthropology and homeland security analysts, this number isn’t much of a surprise. However, hidden behind this statistic another interesting trend emerges. Many of the hot new jobs of the future require an interdisciplinary education. Here are four college majors that are gaining popularity. Although all of these majors provide stand-alone jobs, the students who combine skill sets stand the best chance of getting hired in the future.

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Foreign Language

Learning a language means more than just memorizing a few vocabulary words and grammatical concepts. Foreign language majors, by their very definition, are multidisciplinary. Studying a foreign language means learning about the political systems, histories, literature, art, and other aspects of a foreign country’s culture. The demand for specialty careers like translation and interpreting is expected to rise by 46 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Educational Technology

Technology in the classroom has become a hot topic in the world of education. Educational technology allows teachers to use and develop the technologies they need to effectively teach their subjects. Educational technology brings together the disciplines of educational psychology, emerging technologies, visual design, video gaming and simulations, writing, web technologies, and networking. Educational technologists/curriculum designers find employment in any number of fields in both the public and private sectors, including universities, retail corporate offices, and software companies.

Environmental Science Degrees

Green jobs have seen a steady increase in popularity, so of course, college majors related this career field have also cropped up. Like the rest of the cool majors on this list, this one intersects the others in some way. As a stand-alone career, professionals earning this degree get jobs in water management, with alternative energy companies, and in sustainable businesses. Finally, students who are interested in the environmental sciences, but who don’t want to become scientists, have plenty of alternatives. For example, those who combine their environmental studies with classes in journalism and media find employment as reporters, newscasters, and public information officers who specialize in environmental issues.

Criminology & Law

According to the University of Florida, a bachelor’s degree in criminology and law gives students a look at the relationships between the disparate aspects of criminal justice. Disciplines like psychology, law, history, and political science are represented in this major. Like the other college majors on this list, students who graduate with this degree have a broad range of choices, including in career fields like the juvenile justice system or the courts. By its nature, it’s also excellent preparation for law school and advanced degrees in homeland security.

Finding the right major is a common dilemma among students. Often the issue is finding a major that keeps students excited and engaged. In other words, it’s important to find majors they love. As this post shows, multidisciplinary majors stave off boredom and offer the widest entry into different types of careers. Students can get additional information by speaking with a college guidance counselor or by conducting informational interviews with professionals in the fields they’d like to learn more about.

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