4 Out-of-the-Box Health Care Degrees

 healthcare degrees to consider

When people think of health care, they automatically picture a nurse or doctor. In fact, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), there are nearly three million registered nurses. However, the field of health care offers a rich variety of unique medical career opportunities in different fields. Below explains four special health care degrees that promise an interesting and rewarding career.

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1. Surgical Technologist

Their primary job function is to aid the surgeon during surgical operations. They also prepare the patient, surgical equipment, and the operating room. Surgical technologists with advanced training may even take a more active role in actual surgery procedures. A 2-year degree is typically required to become a surgical technologist. This degree is an excellent way to master surgical operations in order to pursue an advanced degree to become a surgeon. Surgical technologists almost always work in hospitals.

2. Naturopathy

According to the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC), naturopathic doctors utilize both alternative medicine and western science to provide holistic medical care. These health care professionals are primary care providers that work in different medical fields, such as nutrition, clinical diagnosis, and oriental medicine. Naturopathic doctors offer their patients the best of two different medical approaches. Learn more at AANMC.org.

3. Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of aging from different viewpoints. A degree in gerontology enables health care professionals to better understand and help older patients with their health care needs. There is growing demand for health care professionals that can provide customized medical care to the burgeoning aging population. The good news is that there are excellent educational programs available. For example, the University of Southern California (USC) offers both a master’s degree in gerontology online and a master’s degree in aging services management.

4. Veterinary Assistant

These health care professionals have very unique jobs—assisting licensed veterinarians with treating ill or injured animals. There are actually two kinds of veterinary assistants. The first, a veterinary technician, requires graduation from a two-year program. The second, a veterinary technologist, requires graduation from a four-year program. However, both assist the licensed veterinarian with providing medical care to animals. This involves observing animals, giving vaccines or medication and collecting lab tests and samples. Anyone who loves animals and medical science should consider becoming a veterinary assistant.

In conclusion, health care jobs aren’t just limited to being a nurse or physician. There are health care degrees in surgery operations, naturopathy, gerontology and veterinary science. Learn more nursing statistics at AACN.nche.edu.

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