3 Tips for Finding a Summer Internship

By Vicki Salemi
For StudentAdvisor.com

tips for finding internshipsSummer break is the perfect time to start building your resume with an internship. If you’ve never interned before, finding your first position can be a bit daunting. Read over author Vicki Salemi’s tips for an idea of where you can start and be sure to check out more solid internship advice in our free StudentAdvisor Get That Internship guide:

1. Treat your internship like a job search.

Internships, like full-time jobs, don’t always hit the “open” market. They won’t always be advertised online and if they do, you’re competing with hundreds of applicants. You have to get in the ground floor.

2. Leverage your university ties.

This means going to the career office and asking if they can give you access to a list of all alums with your major or the field you want to get into or the location where you want to be. Most importantly, network with recruiters who went to your school or Human Resources Directors and high level decision-making folks. By connecting with them for an informational interview, even twenty minutes on the phone, and staying in touch via LinkedIn, you’ll be front of mind for when that internship does open up.

3. Get a temp job.

Technically temp jobs are internships except you’re paid hourly. It’s time to think outside the box: you’re seeking work experience to bulk up that resume. A temp job will do just that. Some temp jobs are menial like filing or answering phones but once you get in the door through the temp agency, you can prove yourself by asking to take on more work, ask to sit in on meetings, and make a valuable impression on your supervisors.

Vicki Salemi is the author of the ABC’s of College Life. She’s also a dynamic public speaker, career consultant, and sassy freelance writer with over a dozen years of experience working in human resources/recruiting and freelance writing.


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