3.1415 Ways to Celebrate the Perfect Pi Day!

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What better symbol for lifelong learning could there be than pi, the representation of a never-ending  number? Although our resources at LearningAdvisor.com aren’t technically infinite, no one could ever run out of subjects to study with access to the well-over ten thousand free and low-cost online courses in our database, in addition to more than 4,000 college lectures, and dozens of online degrees and professionals certificates, so it’s close enough for us.

In order to celebrate our favorite 3.1415 day in true pi style, here’s a fun list of resources to help you discover your own special way to mark this very special day!


Websites to Visit

  • Teachpi.org: This site advertises itself as a one-stop shop for teachers and number lovers. Its pi-related resources include pi activities, pi art, inspirational stories (can you believe a kindergartner recited more than 600 pi digits?), pi music, and more!
  • Cadaeic.net: Can you write in Pilish? The English physicist Sir James Jeans did it when he penned the sentence: How I need a drink, alcoholic in nature, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics! Learn the rules to pen your own prose in Pilish by visiting this fascinating website.
  • My Town Tutors: Make your friends groan with Pi Day humor from this website’s posting of 101 Pi Day jokes for math teachers.


Scavenger Hunt Challenges


Blog for Bakers

The Salt: Baking pies for Pi Day may be obvious, but it’s still fun, and tasty too. This websites encourages pie-bakers to think outside the circle!


Online Courses for Number Lovers

These are LearningAdvisor’s 5 most popular online courses for math-minded people (or those who want to be):

  • Calculus One : Ohio State University, Free
    Designed to be a friendly introduction to calculus for the masses, this self-paced course will teach you not only the math, but where calculus appears in our daily lives.
  • Calculus: Single Variable: University of Pennsylvania, Free, Starts May 22, 2015
    This course is described as brisk and challenging, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and applications to the engineering, physical, and social sciences.
  • Algorithms: Crunching Social Networks (cs215): Udacity, Free
    This course begins by asking if you’ve ever the played the Kevin Bacon game – what could be more fun than learning the math behind that makes it work?
  • Population PK Modeling for Beginners: Udemy, $129
    This is a fabulous introductory course for scientists and others that provides enough information to help you be conversant in population analysis.
  • Developing a Personal Financial Plan: Kaplan University, Free
    This hands-on, self=paced course is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to sort out your financial future.

Do you have any Pi Day favorites to share with our readers?

Happy Pi Day from the staff of LearningAdvisor!

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