15 Education Blogs Every Student Should Follow

education blogs for college students

Education blogs have become the best source of tips for students today. With the help of blogs, students find ways to boost their productivity, develop their study habits, and deal with the issues of college life.

The following list of 15 education blogs is compiled for students who want to take their studies to the next level. These blogs not only provide valuable content, but also present the educational process and student life from different and interesting angles.

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1. Study Hacks – Decoding Patterns of Success
Cal Newport is a computer scientist and an assistant professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. His Study Hacks blog is more than just a round-up of hacks. He takes it to the whole new level and digs deep to find the best hacks and explain why they work so well.

2. ProfHacker by The Chronicle of Higher Education
This blog gives students an inside peek into professors’ thinking and their views on student issues, careers, and the future in general. For students looking for the ways to boost their reputation with a specific instructor, improve their study skills, and adapt to college life, ProfHacker is the right choice.

3. The Thesis Whisperer
This blog offers help at every stage of the writing process (specifically, thesis writing) including help in working with supervisors, organizing the research process and – of course – the writing itself.

4. Thank Your Brain – Improve Your Learning and Memory
The blog focuses primarily on how students can improve their study skills with a focus on improving their memory and thinking. William Klemm, the blog owner, offers insight and advice by presenting news based on recent research and studies.

5. Mind Shift
The Mind Shift blog focuses on innovations in learning, rethinking roles in education, and trying new approaches to solve common issues. It gives students invaluable insight into the current state of education as well as using new technologies in the learning process.

6. Answer Sheet (from The Washington Post)
 Answer Sheet tackles the challenges and issues of modern education including topics like grading scales, common-core controversies, and how politics affects the education system.

7. The Innovative Educator
This blog written by progressive educator Lisa Nielsen highlights innovative approaches to education. The author wants to change the whole attitude of traditional schooling which she finds boring and irrelevant.

8. Hack College
Hack College offers help with almost everything related to college life from dealing with group projects to choosing the best apps for syncing communication to digitizing your library.

9. Open Culture
Open Culture is not a classic college-life blog, rather, it brings together the best resources, online courses, e-books and education media that are available for free. That makes this blog a nice mix of fun stuff and useful education materials.

10. College Mental Health
College Mental Health is a frank and straightforward resource for students who find themselves struggling under the intense amount of stress and pressure that college education brings. It offers help with personal issues and states the importance of psychotherapy in modern life.

11. I’m First
Being a first generation college student places a lot of pressure on a young person. The I’m First website offers support and encouragement for students with such issues as well as features posts from a wide range of authors sharing valuable expert advice.

12. Uloop
Uloop is one of the most popular college blogs as it features some of the best tips on real-world issues like how to pad your résumé without being too unethical, how to organize your dorm room, how to balance part-time work, and ways to study effectively.

13. College Times
College Times is an edgy collegiate blog that doesn’t shy away from tough issues or controversy. Recent posts have covered allegations of university-related abuse and corruption as well as other news that affects college students on campuses across the country.

14. Great College Advice
Great College Advice offers exactly what you think it does. It’s associated with Montgomery Educational Consulting and the blog provides practical advice on everything from admissions to college choices, and comparing religious versus secular schools.

15. Student Advisor
Last but not least is the blog you are reading right now. No matter what you are looking for – scholarship opportunities, writing tips, career advice, or insights on college life – you will find some best tips here at StudentAdvisor!

Do you have a favorite blog to share with our readers? Post it in the comments below.

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