14 Educational YouTube Channels that Make Learning Fun

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Learning does not have to be serious all the time. There are several ways to both learn and to have fun. With technology, you can now grow your knowledge in various fields by accessing a variety of interesting learning platforms from text to animation to videos.

While all the videos listed below are educational, they are also entertaining to watch. Many of them do not require any former knowledge of a particular subject for you to enjoy them, and their entertainment value means that you don’t need to “study” them or even concentrate hard in order to learn something new.

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For informative, creative and fun learning experiences, here are 14 entertaining YouTube Channels for learning:

1 – SciShow

SciShow is framed in an academic light, but they have tried to make it fun too. This channel discusses and demonstrates scientific developments for you while giving you information on the history of science.

2 – Kipkay’s Hacks, Pranks, and How to Videos

While this channel is not framed academically, it does use concepts taught in classrooms. They show you how to make items from the things you find around the home. They also show you how you may use these items to pull pranks on people and have a little fun.

3 – CNET

Getting information about gadgets and the latest software programs is made easier with CNET. Here you can find the complete details that you need on new technology along with reviews, comments and feedback from experts and other online users.

4 – Discovery Channel

It is only fair that the Discovery Channel be part of this list. While they have had some criticism around how accurate and how unbiased they are, if you like the TV show then you will like the episodes they air on their YouTube channel.

5 – Veritasium Science Trailer

Known as a science video blog, this channel shows you experiments and interviews from the scientific community. It highlights demonstrations along with other interesting videos that you might find useful in day to day application.

6 – Brusspup

Learning about science does not have to be dull or boring. Brusspup makes science entertaining by mixing it with illusion. There science tricks are fun and entertaining to watch, and many of their experiments are quite visual.

7 – ASAP Science

This is a good YouTube channel for students as well as the general public. It gives you science lessons based on the everyday things that happen to you around the house or elsewhere. It explains interesting things that people want to know about but have probably never thought to ask.

8 – Scientific American Space Lab

This is a great video channel for people who are interested in astrology and space exploration. The videos are all about space and are easy to understand.

9 – Google

Believe it or not, Google is up to some very good things. In fact, if you do your research, you will see that they are involved in campaigns to effect positive change in the world or even save it. For example, it was discovered that cows are giving off more greenhouse gasses than first estimated, and the Google Burger may put a stop to mass cow farming. The Google YouTube channel is full of things you can learn from and is really worth a look.

10 – BBC Earth

Based in Britain, BBC produces highly respected documentaries because their costs are covered by the British TV license instead of through advertising. They have posted some of their documentaries about nature and the earth on their YouTube channel which means you are getting free content instead of having to pay for it on a DVD or paid download.

11 – Microsoftedu

This channel is not just built to market Microsoft goods—it is actually part of higher education and K-12 program. It has educational videos and lots of content that students can use for their studies.

12 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is a YouTube channel that airs videos that MIT students use in their education. MIT shares them with the general public for free giving online users access to some of the same high-quality educational resources their students take advantage of.

13 – TechnoBuffalo

The contributor is a mainstream TV channel and this particular channel shows you how things work. It is good if you are working in a creative or electrical/engineering capacity because it demonstrates the different dimensions  of your discipline.

14 – Sick Science

This is a YouTube video channel about the amazing side of science. They use real science concepts but they demonstrate them in ways people can easily relate to. They have lessons that are about things people can even try for themselves.

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