12 Most Unusual College Courses

In today’s continuously evolving world, college curriculum is no longer solely defined by the traditional courses of accounting and philosophy, but rather by innovative classes and unorthodox subject matter. Students are now being exposed to more diverse and unique course offerings which can be found in leading universities around the nation, giving today’s students a truly unforgettable college experience.

unusual college coursesNo matter what student personality you may possess, colleges all around the world now offer progressive courses for every type of learner. The following is a list of what we found to be the 12 quirkiest and most unusual college classes that have been offered at today’s top universities.

1. TAXI DRIVER YOGA: LaGuardia Community College’s Taxi School covers the rules of the road for the New York City’s thousands of cabbies. Along with programs on driver-applicant training, the school also offers a taxi driver yoga class to help with student’s physical discomfort from sitting for 12 hours.

2. STUPIDITY: The ‘Stupidity’ course at Occidental College was created to critically engage the field of psychology through the work of Nietzsche, Deleuze, and Ronell. This radical course examines it at depth from literary, social and philosophical perspectives.

3. SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MELEE THEORY AND PRACTICE: As part of Oberlin College’s psychical education department, this elective course teaches students about virtual combat techniques through the use of game play via The Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Game Cube.

4. ALIEN MICROECONOMICS: At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro students can enroll in this web-based course in which they are required to play an alien-themed video game to learn the course curriculum. With the reading material, examinations, and homework built into the game itself, students pass the course by completing a number of interactive tasks, and therefore beating the game.

5. ELVISH, THE LANGUAGE OF “LORD OF THE RINGS”: This University of Wisconsin course, which was taught by the world’s foremost expert on this language, allowed super fans of the series a chance to learn the Elvish language from a real expert.

6. THE LIVING AND UN-DEAD: AN INQUIRY INTO ZOMBIES IN CINEMA AND LITERATURE: While you might often feel like a zombie stumbling to your early morning classes, this University of Mississippi course takes a deeper look at what is so fascinating and horrifying about these brain-craving monsters.

7. ATLANTIC WORLD-AGE OF PIRACY: Johnny Depp’s racy character of Jack Sparrow has gotten many students interested in learning more about the pirating arts, and this course offers Arizona State students the opportunity to take an in-depth look at real-life lives of pirates.

8. THE LUCIFER EFFECT: UNDERSTANDING HOW GOOD PEOPLE TURN EVIL: This lecture-based course offered to the students of MIT thoroughly examines the question: how can good people do bad things?

9. THE SCIENCE OF HARRY POTTER: Unicorns and magical spells might not be real, but this course at Frostburg State University is focused upon the magical happenings of the Harry Potter series through a scientific lens, applying physics to things like Quidditch.

10. THE SIMPSONS AND PHILOSOPHY: At UC Berkeley, students are given the chance to examine the Simpsons as more than just a source of entertainment.  This course aims to show the deeper philosophical issues under all those “d’ohs.”

11. THE BEATLES: Die-hard Beatles fans at UCLA can learn everything there is to know about the infamous band in this course through the examination of the life and music of the Beatles within social and historical context of the 1960s.

12. TREE CLIMBING: For students at Cornell University who never learned to climb a tree as a child can enroll in this inventive course where that can receive college-level education in this unorthodox subject.


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