11 Online Courses for History Lovers and Others

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Learning online is a great way to stay abreast of topics that interest us, keep our brains sharp, and immerse ourselves in favorite subjects. There are lots of online course providers offering new free and low-cost classes everyday, and LearningAdvisor has collected thousands of them into one easily searchable website for your convenience.

Online courses span every subject from a variety of resources including top-tier colleges and universities, for-profit institutions, and industry experts.

This month, we are featuring a list of history courses to help familiarize you with some of the many course providers found on LearningAdvisor. Whether you’re a fan of art and music or business and entrepreneurship, history provides us with a great lens through which we can study what we love most! Check out these 11 online courses, then search the LearningAdvisor online course database for more!

11 Online Courses for History Lovers and Others:

1. Coursera: From the Repertoire: Western Music History through Performance
Rather than offer a discussion of Western music focusing on a succession of composers, this course from the Curtis Institute of Music will look at key works throughout history (from early music composed more than one thousand years ago to music of our time) to teach students how Western music has developed throughout the ages into the rich and diverse repertoire that we have today.

2. edX: Entrepreneurship and Health Care in Emerging Economies
This course developed at Harvard will aquaint  students with prior attempts to address selected world health problems, to identify points of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts, and to propose and develop their own candidate solutions.

3. FutureLearn: Our Changing Climate: Past, Present and Future
Students will survey the history of climate change with professors at the University of Reading in England to learn how climate change can present a number of risks and opportunities.

4. iversrty: Political Philosophy: An Introduction
To get deeper into the workings of politics – the only serious starting point for those who want to reform it –one  must agree to begin with very abstract notions, that is with the general definitions of what politics, conflict, power (incl. force/violence), and what legitimate power means.

5. JANUX: Native Peoples of Oklahoma
This course is a general introduction to the history, cultural traditions, and current condition of many of the 38 Native American tribes who reside in Oklahoma.

6. MIT Open Courseware: Metropolis: History of New York City
This course examines the evolution of New York City from 1607, when it was known by the original Indian name of Manna-hatta, to the present.

7. Open Yale: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)
Examines the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as an expression of the religious life and thought of ancient Israel, and a foundational document of Western civilization.

8. Saylor: History of Africa to 1890
You will learn about the major political, economic, and social changes that took place in Africa between 300,000 BCE to the era of European imperialism in the nineteenth century, and examine the experiences of Africans who lived during this period.

9. The Great Courses: How to Read and Understand Shakespeare
Although Shakespeare is perhaps the greatest literary artist in history, appreciating his works does not come easily. In this course, the award-winning Professor Marc C. Conner of Washington and Lee University guides students through an innovative and penetrating exploration of Shakespeare’s plays.

10. Udemy: Decades of Beauty
Decades of Beauty demonstrates through detailed video lectures how to recreate the incredible beauty styles of past decades. This course includes history references, style references, and Step-By-Step Video Demonstrations.

11. VideoLectures: Housing the Lowest Income Americans: The Past, Present and Future of Public Housing
In this video lecture, Lawerence Vale of MIT provides a historical overview of public housing in America and shares insights from his most recent book Reclaiming Public Housing.

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