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The process of successfully applying for college admissions and scholarship aid often hinges upon writing great essays. The fact that your entire future could be dependent upon a single essay can certainly be intimidating, but with proper planning and the right tools on your side, you’ll be able to prepare an essay that will distinguish you from the other candidates. Use the following selection of 10 top online essay tools to help you get on the right track!

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  1. Essay Forum 
    At this website, you can become part of a collaborative community that will help you construct the best essay. You can ask questions and trigger productive discussions. You’ll get feedback and advice by several other users, so you can easily think of new ideas and find the right approach to application essay writing.
  2. Essay Structure, University of Waterloo 
    There are many brief guides for essay writing you can find online, but the instructions provided at this page tackle all details you need to include. If you manage to follow the direction these tips give you, you’ll end up with a focused essay that has proper structure and is easy to comprehend.
    This is another online community you can benefit from. Writers of all interests and skill levels upload their work in order to receive honest criticism, and contribute with tips and opinions about other people’s work. If you have already completed the initial draft of your scholarship or admissions essay, upload it at this website and be prepared to become the target of constructive criticism.
  4. Story 2
    Story2 has taught over 15,000 students to write college admissions essays that make them stand out in the college application process. Many students finish their college essays and personal statements in as little as four hours. Starting an essay is easy and fun, with no up-front commitment or payment needed.
  5. WOW Writing Workshop 
    If you want to write the most effective college application essay, you need to base it on your own experience. That can be a hard thing to do if you haven’t had many experiences that would be interesting for the admission officers to read. At this website, you will get the direction you need.

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  6. College Prep Guides: Writing an A+ Admissions Essay
    This guide by Veritas Prep offers exclusive tips on how to make your college admissions essay stand out. Although the tips seem too generic at first glance, you should pay close attention to them, since the guide tells you what the committee members expect to see in your admissions essay.
  7. Today’s Best College Essays 
    When you get stuck with your paper, you need to get inspired by other people’s work. This section of Teen Ink Magazine features great essays written by college students. Make sure to use these essays as a source of inspiration; do not copy or rewrite any of them. Your admissions and scholarship essays need to be entirely unique.
  8. How to Write a Scholarship Essay – Examples 
    This is another source of essay samples, but with a more specific focus: scholarships. In addition to examples, you can also get information about financial aid opportunities in different categories. This website is definitely worthy of a bookmark.
  9. International Student Essay Writing Center
    The advice at this website is geared towards international students, but all other students can also benefit from the tips and guidance. You will get instructions on general essay writing, admission and scholarship essay writing, as well as great sample essays that can inspire your own ideas.
  10. How to Write an Essay – Guide by Tom Davis 
    Reading general tips on essay writing may seem like a waste of time at this point, but it’s really important to make that effort if you want to complete a great application essay. If you decide to read only one guide on essay writing, choose this one! Tom Davis breaks down the essay format into clear sections that will help you stay focused through all stages of the writing process.

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