How to Compare College Financial Aid Packages

How to Compare Financial Aid Packages

Choosing from financial aid options can be difficult, but by being informed and balancing affordability with your desired educational plans, the decision can be easier to make.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent: Lisa’s Story

Lisa Cirillo realtor

Real estate can provide lucrative careers to people of all backgrounds. Lisa Cirillo shares her journey with StudentAdvisor in this spotlight on success feature.

From Floor Nurse to Manager: Debra’s Story

Kaplan University BSN Graduate

By continuing her education, Debra Eppley, RN, was able to advance from floor nurse to manager of the whole nursing department, increasing her earning potential and on-the-job satisfaction.

Discover How Nursing Could Be Your Must-Have Career

Discover How Nursing Could Be Your Must-Have Career

A nursing career never goes out of style. Nurses are essential to our health care system, and jobs are on the rise. Discover why nursing could your fail-safe career.

Are You Ready for a Career in Real Estate?

are you ready for a career in real estate

Real estate is one of the best careers to start at any point in your life. The process of becoming a realtor begins with taking a real look at what realtors do and leads to choosing a broker. Do you have what it takes to be a successful real estate agent?

Getting a Real Estate License? What’s Next?

choosing a broker

As a licensed real estate agent, your success is your broker’s success. Learn how to choose the best broker to support your new business, and what question to ask in the interview process.

3 Ways an Online Class Can Enhance Your Skills

Dr. Charles Severance

Professor and MOOC creator,Dr. Charles Severence shares his tips for working out which MOOCs are best for you when faced with the diverse options that are available.

A Career in Financial Services: It’s More than Money

career in financial services

Fiance careers are known for bringing large paychecks, but there are other factors to consider if one wants to be both successful and happy at their job. Do you have what it takes for this fast-paced career?

6 Fast-Growing Careers in Business Finance

Business finance

Business finance positions are expected to grow more than 15% through 2020. Find out which part of this growing industry is a perfect fit for you.

10 College Scholarships with March Deadlines

college scholarships for March

College scholarships come in all shapes and sizes. It’s time to start searching for the scholarships that fit you, and don’t miss out on these scholarships with March deadlines!

Open Education: What Does It Mean to You?

open education

Open education is a movement to increase access to learning worldwide. Its open learning materials expand the public’s access to education and creates a world of learning open to everyone.

Cutting the Red Tape: How to Advance MOOCs in the 21st Century

Online education innovations, especially MOOCs, are occurring faster than state and federal laws can keep up. Cutting the red tape will ultimately benefit students.