Online Business Courses Give Managers a Competitive Edge

online management courses

Taking low-cost online business courses is a smart way to increase your marketability as a manager without gong back to school, and specialized training can help qualify for senior management positions!

Resolving College Roommate Conflict: Open Communication

resolving roommate conflict

One is clean and one is messy. One is quiet and one is social. Roommate differences can make a new living situation difficult, but learning how to respectfully resolve those differences is a life lesson that will help students grow.

Home for the Holidays: 8 Ways to Avoid Stress When Your Student Returns

college students home for the holidays

Having a full house for the holidays is exciting, but it can also be stressful when everyone has different expectations. Get on the same page with these eight simple tips!

Selecting College Majors for Love and Money

selecting college majors for love and money

Choosing a college major can be a difficult decision. Take stock of what you enjoy, what you are good at, and what careers are employing college graduates to come up with a choice that’s right for you!

Dear Procrastinator—Get Your College Applications Done!

Dear Procrastinator - Get Your College Applications Done!

Procrastinating on getting your college applications in? Get some tips on what to do with the time you’ve got left, and get those applications submitted!

What Are Real Estate Classes Like?


If you’re interested in getting a real estate license, it might be best to know what real estate classes really entail. Find out here.

6 Best-Paying Jobs for Engineers

top jobs for engineers

The top-paying positions in the field of engineering require the three E’s – education, experience, and expertise – but every journey starts with a first step. Set your sights on one of these high-paying engineering positions and you will have the incentive you need to excel in your college studies!

The Real Secret to a Winning College Application

successful college application

A good college application pairs a student with a school that’s the right fit. Spend less time trying to sound perfect, and more time showing a college who you really are!

How to Jump over the Hurdles to a New Career

how to jump over the hurdles to a new career

Using a learning portal that aggregates thousands of free and low-cost online college-level and professional development courses makes it easy to take the first steps to an encore career.

11 Questions About Returning to College as a Non-Traditional Student ANSWERED!

non-traditional college student admissions

If the college admission process has you stressed as an adult returning to school, you are not alone. More non-traditional students are attending college than ever before, and their most common admissions questions are answered here.

9 College Scholarships With December Deadlines in 2014

college scholarships with December deadlines

There’s never a season that doesn’t include scholarship deadlines! Visit ScholarshipAdvisor to stat your search with these nine college scholarships, then bookmark more to apply for in the New Year!

Reimagine Your Career as a Paralegal

paralegal studies

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, a paralegal certificate can open up a rewarding new career for you. Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees will also help you rise up the ladder of success.